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Is there a difference between fiance and fiancee?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) March 19th, 2008

I have seen it both ways, is it gender related?

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fiance is a male, fiancee is a female.

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It’s a noun borrowed from French, so we borrow the gender inflections too. Fiancé is the masculine form, fiancée is the feminine form.

Blond (for men) and blonde (for women) works the same way.

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Oh Oh I know this one.

An “e”.

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It would appear that the English (American?) usage would allow for fiancé to be used for either male or female betrothed person.

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Or you could just use the word that a student in my friend’s 3rd-grade class recently used.
They were talking about words that relate to love, and a kid in her class said, “You know, like when you’re going to marry someone, they’re your Beyonce.”

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@occ That was great, Beyonce! I almost fell out of my chair on that one! Kids! They are always full of surprises.

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I wonder how close finance and fiance are?

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As close as martial and marital.

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Excellent response brownlemur!!

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