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What kind of Mobile phone/service exist in Jakarta Indonesia?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) July 9th, 2010

I might move to Jakarta for work in few weeks and I have few questions regarding cell phone service in Jakarta

1. What kind of cell network is available ??(GSM, HSPA, etc..)
2. Are the new phones on the market available?? (Samsung Galaxy S, iphone 4, sony X10 and so on)
3. average/range of monthly phone service fee??
4. anything else that I need to be aware of ???

Comparison to Canadian cellphone service (Rogers, Telus) would be Great

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jakarta is the giant for phones in Asia. I saw a samsung dealer…..
just from a bit of research. Shoule be easy. i did not check on costs.

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1. gsm and cdma are available.
gsm :
– xl
– 3
– telkomsel : kartu as, simpati, halo
– satelindo : mentari, im3, matrix

cdma :
– flexi
– mobile 8 : fren, hepi
– esia
– satelindo : starone
– smart

you’ll be amazed that there are various mobile network operators in Indonesia, and it’s hard to choose the best.

All of them have advantages and disadvantages.

2. I think Indonesia is one of the biggest consumers in cell phones. There many brands available
samsung, nokia, sony ericsson, lg, blackberry, iphone, motorola, vertu, palm, htc, benQ, O2, dopod.
The most popular is blackberry, iphone, nokia, samsung, and sony ericsson.

I think most of the brands are updated, however there are also some which are not. You have to check them online and compare it here. But most of them yes, they are updated.

3. average monthly fee? where are you from? Indonesia has a system called balance (prepaid system). Some operators use the balance system where you have to refill. Usually you can refill it from 5.000–100.000 but it depends on your usage. they have their due date system so you have to keep refilling it periodically.
example : 5000 for one week, 50.000 for one month, 100.000 for two months, etc.
Each operator provides different rates, promotions, due date of balance, and much more. You can check them on their website. just type them on google.

Some operators also provide postpaid system where you have to pay each month based on you usage. Again, it depends on the different rates and promotions.

I’m not used to postpaid system and I’m using prepaid system. Usually the prepaid system is cheaper because of the various promotions (the operators are competing with each others, knocking each other down)

4. anything else to be aware of…... i don’t know. can’t think of anything. I’m using prepaid and sometimes operators are a little bit cheating by reducing a small number of balance but periodically, so we have to be smart and have to complain to the operators.

Compare with the advantage and disadvantages such as the tariff, promotions, signal strength. It all depends on your usage.

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Thanks both of you!!

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@elhaha1001 thanks a lot for detail information…it really helped…..can I ask you just one more favor??? there a website in English where I can check current promotions or what kinds of phones are available/will be available?? I googled few services provider you named above but it was hard to navigate due to language barrier
I am looking forward to buy Droid X (which is cdma) and want to check if this phone will be available in near future…or name of any other Android base phones..

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Yeah, I have checked some of the websites and I’m also surprised that they do not provide the English version.

Usually they have a link to switch to english version like XL and Axis do.

Anyway, you can always try to use google translate :)

I’m not really into Android phones, but there isn’t any info yet whether it will be released in Indonesia. Only the release date in America is available.

You can try to check some of the phones here

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