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What foods do you use as beauty products?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4912points) July 10th, 2010

I’ve made a face mask out of mashed bananas and honey, and a face scrub/mask from mashed bananas and oatmeal, or just plain “crystalized” honey is a good scrub.
I’ve also used used green tea bags as a toner.
My sister has used cream as a moisturizer.

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Lemon juice (and the sun) to lighten hair color. The squeezed lemon halves work wonders on softening the skin on rough elbows.

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cucumbers for the eyes…take out puffiness

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baking soda, lemon juice, honey, I’m sure there are others

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@Facade – i use baking soda and epsom salts in the bath too. It’s supposed to be a detox method.

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@NaturallyMe I put it in my “shampoo” concoction

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What? No chocolate sauce for your face??!!

Oatmeal and cucumbers. Once I went to the store strictly to buy facial stuff. As I was checking out with my oatmeal and cucumber I realized the clerk was looking at me curiously. I said, “Facial stuff.”
She says, “Oh! I was wondering! Usually you can tell what people are having for dinner by the combination of food they buy, but couldn’t figure that one out!”

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@Dutchess_III – haha. :D And nope, chocolate is best applied to the inside of my tummy. It does wonders over there. :)

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But you’re thinking about it now, aren’t you!!

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@Dutchess_IIIactually i have before! I just can’t get myself to waste chocolate on my face!! :0

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@NaturallyMe Um…well….I’m thinking very un-Dutchessy thoughts here, something about you being married and all….

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@Dutchess_III – well that ought to be interesting….!

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Honey, yogurt, avocado, green tea, chamomile tea (many others), oatmeal, lemon, milk, olive oil, cucumbers, eggs, coconut milk, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, apple cider vinegar, walnut oil, almond oil, brown sugar, salt, tomatoes, grapefruit, lime – you can pretty much use anything.

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@tragiclikebowie – would you mind telling what you use some of these things for in particular? :)

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Believe it or not, beer makes good conditioner for hair. no joke

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@Axemusica – i know of that one too! Well, i knew it was used for hair, i just couldn’t remember what for. :)

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@NaturallyMe, yea I was drunk one night years ago. Someone mentioned that so I went to take a shower and brought a couple beers with me, lol. I had long hair at the time, and it did work, even if I did feel weird doing it, regardless of how drunk I was.

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Olive oil makes a great makeup remover, it also conditions the eyelashes – my mascara goes on so much easier the next day if I use the olive oil as a makeup remover, then I use my Lush cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Michelle Phan on YouTube uses a lot of household items to make beauty treatments, check her out :)

I feel pretty stupid for falling for Garnier and buying their under eye caffeine roll on thing when I could have just put teabags on my eyes but nevermind!

Natural yoghurt is good to wash with for thrush – it’s not something I’ve tried but I’ve heard of it. I can’t think of anything else!

p.s. don’t worry about the olive oil clogging your pores, the particles are too big to do so.

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Here are some of the foods which i used as a beauty products
1.) Beets
2.) Greek Yogurt
3.) Caffeinated Coffee Grounds
4.) Milk
5.) Oatmeal
6.) Coconut Oil
7.) Strawberries
8.) Honey

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