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What site should I use for simple ridesharing?

Asked by gsiener (410points) July 10th, 2010

I’ve been commuting between two spots this summer (think city/country) and I know lots of people are doing the same. I’d like to organize our commutes to set up some ridesharing. Before I reinvent the wheel I’m trying to figure out what good sites are out there.

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What bout neighborhood things, where people can see them in your area, and maybe not on computer….Like a small ad in a paper, or signs in the grocery.
Maybe the city you commute to has resources for rideshare.

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Does your area have a Craigslist? I think there is a section for ridesharing on that.

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Also, have you googled the community name and “rideshare” to see if something local pops up? We have a number of people who commute between our city and the state capitol, 50 miles away. There are three sites just for that commute.

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