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What are you craving right now?

Asked by keobooks (14303points) July 11th, 2010

I’m 7 months pregnant, so I am in a constant state of cravings.

Right now, I want lime-ade, or a lime popsicle made from lime-ade. I am at work now, and lime-ade is hard to find, except at the grocery store. So I’ll have to pine away.

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A diet coke. We are planning to start trying to get pregnant soon, so I’m trying to cut my caffeine intake. I haven’t bought diet cokes for the house in months, but I still occasionally get one when I go out to eat. I would love to have one right now.

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I want a bean ‘n rice burrito and a 32oz coke.

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oh are we talking only food?

In that case…. Sex

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I want Taco Bell.

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Put me down for some sex.

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Sex, hehe, that’s what everyone’s saying, but me, I would like some Red Velvet Cake from Quick Trip!

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A fudge Popsicle.

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yumm sausage, egg, and cheese on a roll with a 64oz iced coffee (light with sugar) in a Styrofoam cup… i miss NY.

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@perspicacious Thanks.. now I’m craving TWO things. Fudgecicle… mmmm

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Peace of Mind.

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Coffee. It’s just one of those ughhh days. More coffee, please.

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A goal.

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I just don’t want to stand up, walk all the way into the kitchen, to grab a Coke Zero.

Wait, it’s cherry Coke Zero. BRB.

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A cigarette. I’ve gone three days without one so far.

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World Peace
and sex

Actually, I crave seeing and being with my wife who has been away for three months.

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As bad as it sounds, a thinner body =/ Damned lack of motivation…

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I want cool weather, oh snow….

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Chocolate Silk pie.

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@Dr_Lawrence I know that feeling. I’ve moved way beyond craving seeing and being with my husband. He’s been gone for six months and we still have about two more months before he gets to come home for his two week R&R (then he goes back for a few more months before coming home for good).

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I’ll have to go with sex too.

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Still thinking snow over here.

Maybe take a cherry coke zero too and some of that chocolate silk pie. lol

Imagine….just imagine..a snowstorm in July…I’d donate a kidney for that right now. haha

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I crave my wife. She has been gone for 4 days. 4 whole days. :(

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Mental stability…yeah…

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Water, i think i’m thirsty. I wish i could say some yummy food of some sort, which i would have done in ordinary circumstances, but i’ve stuffed myself with this oatie raspberry cookies that i made earlier, and avocado sandwiches, so i don’t really want to think about eating right now. I think i had too much of that oatie thing.

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this is jazzie’s dog, will you tell my human to get off the internet and feed me some dog food, both wet and dry, or a steak??

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This is Coloma’s cat, will you tell my human to get off the internet and go for a swim, she looks hot. lol

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I am craving Casablanca. The city. We leave for Morocco tomorrow. I am very excited. :D

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Cruel, cruel boy you are! I am so ready for another vacation somewhere exotic and COOL!
Have a blast kiddo! ;-)

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@Coloma Thanks! It’s going to be awesome. :D

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I wasn’t craving anything until I read the question. Now I am craving watermelon.

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Soft sourdough sub roll
Sliced avocado with freshly cracked blacked pepper
Slices of ripe tomato, skin off
Slices of fresh mozerella
Leaves of fresh basil

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I’m currently craving a 12 oz. prime rib, baked potato with butter and sour cream, and a caeser salad.

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How could you mention baked potato..OMG..I am starving right now. lol

Baked potato with the works…drool

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About the baked potatoes… another “when I was a kid” thing. How come it seems like the large ovoid shaped potatoes aren’t in the grocery anymore? I pick through piles of spuds shaped like long flat somethings. I miss the shape of potato you can bake, slit the top open and gently squish the end towards the center to make fluff that melts butter and cradles sour cream just right.

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Nothing. I just had a small Pecan Mudslide from DQ! Wooah!

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After sex cigarette!

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Red wine and sex. In that order.

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i ate so much today that what im craving is pucking :(

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@Cruiser I’ve covered my eyes

bacon, bacon, bacon

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@YARNLADY <<puff…..>>

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Update! My daughter in law (the recent widow) was injured today and may need my wife’s help in Missouri until she is back on her feet. I wonder who much longer her absence from how qill be extended?

Understanding and supportive of my wife, but not happy.

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@Dr_Lawrence My thoughts are with you and your lady.

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@Dr_Lawrence I hope she gets better fast. What a terrible series of event for her!

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I’m craving romance, spontaneity, purpose and sit-ups.

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A break from my crazy dysfunctional family. A nice stay on the moon perhaps.

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Another delicious summers night breeze….summer breeeeze makes me feel fine….:-)

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Human contact

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White Castle and Rutt’s Hut.

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the incredible guac i just made!! :) oh and maybe some lovin’

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Mc Lovin’

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