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Does anyone know of a relatively comprehensive listing of political violence in the USA since the mid 1990s?

Asked by ETpro (34552points) July 12th, 2010

When the topic of violent action and threats by right wingers comes up, their standard defense is to deny there is any such thing, and to claim that the real threat of violence is from the left. I’d like to find an online source that is fair and that documents ALL political violence and actions by anti-government groups. So far, Googling hasn’t brought one up. Is anyone aware of such a resource? If so, please post a link. If not, perhaps we will have to compile one of our own.

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I hate that this is an orphan! I am betting Wikipedia has a section for it.
I’ll adopt you, poor sweet orphan question

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Thanks for the adoption. I can’t believe a question like this didn’t attract a single answer. I hope this gives it a bump, and someone able to answer notices it.

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I’m surprised, too. I was sure some of our more ravenous political Jellies would be all over this.

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