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Ladies: Do you open your mouth when applying mascara or other eye makeup? Why?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) July 12th, 2010

I had an ex ask me once why I open my mouth to put on mascara. I didn’t even realize I’d been doing it. Then he asked if I could put on mascara without opening my mouth, and as it turns out, I couldn’t.

As far as I can tell, it doesn’t actually help the process of applying makeup; any facial shift isn’t enough for it to matter. Especially in terms of mascara, which isn’t applied to the skin.

Anyone else?

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Personally I don’t, but I heard it was “impossible” not to. I guess I must be wonder woman.

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My sister who never wears make-up makes fun of me for it all the time. I relate it to how it’s hard to fold down just your pinky finger without folding down your ring finger at the same time. When I open my eyes really big my mouth just follows suit.

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I think opening the mouth helps pull the skin taught, thereby making it easier to avoid getting mascara on the skin. You’re right, it doesn’t shift the skin that much (especially for the upper eyelid – just raising your eyebrows works); but my cheek below the eye becomes flatter when I open my mouth, thus making it easier isolate the lashes.

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I think maybe I will fall over if I don’t open my mouth while applying mascara. Is it about balance? Or concentration? Like some people have to hold their tongue a certain way to shoot a basketball?

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I know this is not what you asked but, it’s similar when us guys, well me anyway, shave.I mean the face contorts into all kinds of weird expressions.Gotta get that pesky hard to reach stubble.

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@ucme: Yes, but that serves a purpose. Opening our mouths really doesn’t help apply mascara.. except for @Spider maybe lol

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I asked this question awhile back. The answer is yes. Not sure why. I can’t help it.

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Men do the same thing when dealing with ingrown hairs on their face, when dealing with facial blemishes, trimming hair on their ears or in their nostrils.

It is a human thing! Aren’t be all just adorable?

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No, I don’t. But I only apply mascara to the top lashes.

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Yes, my mouth reflexively opens when I apply mascara. I can close it, but it requires conscious effort. I have no idea why it happens. I guess cause it relaxes your face completely so that there’s less tension when you’re trying to put on makeup?

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I make a point of closing my mouth whenever I apply Mascara just to prove that I can.

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Nope. I don’t.

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hahahahaha thats a really funny and popular question my friends always ask me but they ask : How can you put on mascara without opening your mouth
I guess it’s just my magic fingers and talent that I have:)
I can put on mascara without opening

p.s My friend can’t. But if I open my mouth the faces that I make are scary like shit! BEWARE WHEN ESTHER IS PUTTING ON MASCARA WITH HER MOUTH OPEN:D

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my mouth just falls open when i apply mascara.

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Hmm… I don’t.

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this question is so clever, i never tought of it but i do i do!!! and now i am thinking why why???

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I do! I’ve tried not to, but it’s like going against the natural flow of things.

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I do. It makes me feel like my face fat is out of the way of the mascara wand lol

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@Facade Bahahahah I love you.

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I don’t. It works out okay.

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@chels Chels! Miss you girl!

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@Facade I miss you too lady <3

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It’s simply required.

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hahaha, love it!!! eye make up always requires an open mouth, glad it’s not just me and my sister :)

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