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Judging by recent financial trend, should I convert my holiday spending money now or later?

Asked by trickface (2333points) July 13th, 2010

We leave for holiday on August 8th for 2 weeks to Florida, we’re English and looking to exchange around £1000 into USD (about $1500 at the moment), will this figure rise or fall in the next 3 weeks until our departure?

Be our crystal ball, fluther.

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I may be off, but if they cap the well, I would think maybe stocks would rise. but exchange rate?? I’m not an expert at the quirky international rates and how it is affected by stocks? Is there are correlation?? Awesome question.

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Here’s my Crystal ball prediction…. Ohmmm….Ohmmmm.
China will announce a 0.1% float on their currency. US dollar will get 0.3% stronger.
Or not.
Your grandmother told me to tell you “Don’t forget your keys, again.”

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Split the middle. Change half now and just charge everything on a credit card when you get here. FL you can use a credit card for everything, it’s not like NY where many places will only take cash. I would not recommend carrying $1500 in cash with you anyway, no matter where you are going.

Need any tips while in FL? Will you be going to Disney? South Beach? Boca Raton? I can give you a short paragraph about each if you are interested.

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It’s like rolling dice. Making an extra $500 seems to be a wonderful gift. Don’t be too greedy.

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Exchange whenever you can. You won’t gain or lose much anyway.

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@JLeslie You beat me to it, I was going to suggest ½ and ½ as well.

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