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Can I bring with me to an airplane flight a laptop and camera?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) July 13th, 2010

I’m going on vacation and want to know whether the plane is allowed to bring laptop and camera. Or is there any problem with it because of security issue? May it better be in my suitcase?

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Yes. In fact, you have to bring your laptop with you.

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@bob_ , Why I have to bring my laptop with me? Don’t know if they have internet connection on sky :-)

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You can bring it. When going through security you need to put it in a separate tray to scan.
Cameras are no problem.
By the way- I would never put a computer in checked baggage. They are roughly treated.

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@Ranimi23 Because of what @Dog said. Checked bags are treated roughly.

By the way, I didn’t mean that you have to take your laptop with you to your trip. You can leave it at home, you know. But if you do take it, don’t check it in.

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Considering that you’re probably very fond of your laptop, and most if not all airlines have a $500 cap on their liability on lost checked luggage (IF you can get them to cough that up at all), I’d bring it on the plane if I were you. Some baggage handler might get sticky fingers, and you’d be screwed.

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And some flights do have Internet available for purchase. If I was flying international I would consider it a must to stave off boredom.

Screening it in security is easy. Just pack it where you can pull it out easily.

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Also, make sure your battery is charged. Not all planes have electricity outlets.

@Dog That’s what she said! XD

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Yes, as the people above said bring your camera and laptop as carry-on. When you go through security they will make you take your laptop out of your bag and put it in the trays they use at security. You should not check such expensive equipment anyway, things do get stolen now and then, although I have never had anything stolen, but I have had a bag banged up pretty good because they were not being careful, or maybe put a bunch of very bags on top of my little one.

And, you can get internet on some flights Pretty sure my last Delta flight had wi-fi connection. What airline are you traveling on?

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What everyone else said but I will add, don’t take pictures in flight. Some crews are very sensitive about this as we know Al Qaeda has taken pics and video of flight attendants working.

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Hi, yes I took with me my laptop to the airplain, it was fine. But, I added to take it out from my bag and it was scanned in the mechine independent, with nothing else. It’s a bit annoyed that people were waiting in line and let me put it back on the scanning machine.

I haven’t used it at all because no much space to put it and it wasn’t comfortable in one airplain, the seats were so small and uncomfortable at all.

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I felt the same way. I had a total of 6 hours or so of air time, and my elephant of a laptop (17.5 in screen) was more cumbersome than I could handle. Coach is hell.

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