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What are the best websites to use to buy international flights?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) September 4th, 2007

I am considering taking a trip to central or south america and wondering where to find the best deals. I want to be able to search for flexible travel dates.

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The key is to shop them all. Priceline has done well for me most often.

Rayiscool's avatar is awesome! I used it when going to Europe.

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I second Rayiscool’s vote. I always start travel searches on

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If you are wanting to book a package (flight, hotel and/or car rental), then Hotwire or Expedia has always worked well for me.

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Side tip: try to find a local travel agency in the area where the new imagrants from the country you want to visit will gather. They usually have volume discounts with the airlines which is not published anywhere. For example, you may find a much better deal in Chinatown if you want to go to Asia.

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Try They deal with all the major airline consolidators and can search a variety of sources, with a range of dates, for your trip.

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i usually shop them all using Orbitz or something, then go straight to the individual airline’s website after you find a candidate or two – this sheds the small fees that the services like Orbitz charge.

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