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St Stephen – it’s an awesome Grateful Dead tune

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Saint-Nicholas. Free presents AND free whipping? Dude I’m there.

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San Francisco.

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@Symbeline Just watch out for Krampus!

I used to like St. Patrick before I had kids and became boring.

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“Santa Evita”

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The New Orleans Saints

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Santa Claus

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St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals

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St. Milo, patron saint of himself.

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St. Michael, a total badass who I share a name with.

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St. Eligius – Patron saint of artisans and craftsmen
St. Jude – Patron saint of lost causes

I also happen to be a big fan of Saint Bernards, they are so cute with the little barrel under their chin!

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@gailcalled Does St. Milo know his catechism?

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Jeremy Shockey

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Val Kilmer in “The Saint” (1997)

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@janbb: Milo here; Does being able to ask the four questions in both Hebrew and Latin count?

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St. Jude. I live in Memphis, I’m partial.

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Ste Theresa – patron saint of the psychedelic experience and orgasm

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Santo Antonio

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St. Pauli Girl

Because it taste goood.

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St. Blaise… so much so that I named my first son after him.

And I am not, nor ever have been a Catholic.

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@AmWiser A very good choice.

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Ste Theresa of Avila to make above clear ^^

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Saint Leo the Great, cause he scared off Attila the Hun.
Saint Michael the Archangel, cause he’s a badass.
I know he’s not a saint, but I really liked John Paul II.

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Saint Brigid for her homebrew & heathen magic – with a nod to the imbolg.

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Saint Bernard(the four-legged “saints”!

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Which ever Saint I want to hide a little behind like a little kid while he or she asks the Big Guy something for me while I am busy or “need a front man.”

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@AmWiser did you know she may be a transvestite hooker?

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He gives me a reason to party with my family and drink green beer.

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Saint Louis’ most significant contribution to my life is getting a city named after him. Which is pretty good, but eh.
I like St. Anthony, but only because of a mildly irreverent children’s book featuring a character who, whilst feeling a bit perverse, hid the guy’s statue: whose help do you enlist to find it again?
Really, though, I think that the whole canonization thing went completely off the rails a good millennium or two ago.

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St. Flounderaria; patron saint of singing fish.

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St. Torquetumadre: Patron saint of those who annoy their mothers.

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No sorry, not that Saintan, this Saintan

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St. Catherine of Siena

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Philipp Melanchthon who denounced the exaggerated cult of the saints.

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I’m going with Saint Christopher, my namesake, however dubious the story is.

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Hmm. Tough one.

The Irish have some great saints. I like St. Columba for his defense of satirists. St. Brendan may have made it to America before Leif Eriksson did (or so the story goes).

St. Denis has a good story. When the barbarians cut off his head, he picked it up and walked home with it. On top of that, he’s the patron saint of Paris. Way cool.

Some of the ones I like best have not been officially canonized: Erasmus, Dorothy Day, and Pope John XXIII.

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St. Sebastian (patron saint of diseases) has been a favorite since I started working in AIDS.
St. Gerard (all of us cousins had St. Gerard medals slapped around our necks when we were kids. He is the patron saint of motherhood—as if a medal could make up for mothering).
St. Joan of Arc (come on, a woman in armor is awesome).

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St. Francis of Assisi

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Saint A. Claus

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St. Christopher, by default.

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