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Where can I find online a legit aptitude test?

Asked by antimatter (4429points) February 24th, 2014

I want to study something new but don’t want to waste money on studying something that may be a waste so I figured if I write an aptitude test than I will have and better idea what to study.

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this one has a schmancy sounding url

this one seems to have a lot of different options.

I think it’s just a matter of looking around.

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The well designed, standardized aptitude tests take years to develop and refine. They are copyrighted psychometric instruments available to registered professionals on a per use fee basis. These should not be available free on the Net. They come with scoring key that enable professionals to interpret the results. Sorry, but it takes expertise to use such tests. A modest investment in a proper assessment is your best route to finding. a good match between your skills and interests and a proposed course of study in which you will be expected to invest both time and money. Good luck to you.

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