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Can you send a SMS or text from an itouch?

Asked by grub (1points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone

apple has apps that promise texting, do they really work?

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an itouch? no
my brother has one. but u can do like email and prob. IM but not text
but iphone u can cause its a phone and most phones do have texting.

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Yeah you can text from the Skype Web App. And you can IM from a Web App. Called meebo. Its a client for a lot of IM providers!

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As mentioned above, you can IM using webapps on the iPod Touch. A great way to find them is via Launchrz, here is the listing of chat programs. I use JiveTalk and FlickIM. As for SMS, the only one listed there is Free SMS, but I’m not familiar with it. Hope this info helps!

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There’s also “ipTexter”, just type that in the search field at Launchrz to get the link (sry, I’m on my phone)

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