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Did anyone celebrate today, July 14 - Bastille Day?

Asked by Frteach (123points) July 14th, 2010

As you know, July 14th is the “Independence Day” for French men and women everywhere. Is there anyone here that celebrates the day? What do you do? eat? sing? have fireworks? Is your celebration anything like the American 4th of July?

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Je n’ai pas celebre le jour de Bastille!

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Aha! Maybe the French guys here in Boston’s Little Italy were behind today’s wild fireworks all around the neighborhood..

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J’ai fait le bruschetta avec pain rustique et ai bu un Bordeaux agréable en l’honneur du jour de bastille.

And I’m not even french… great grandparents on dad’s side were

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@Dr_Lawrence – Pourquoi monsieur? Vous etes francais, ou pas?

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@Dr_C – Bien sur, c’est chouette ca!

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Ma grand-mère maternelle été ne a Paris il y a 102 ans passe. Elle vive encore!
Mois, je suis anglophone, mais je viens du Québec

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@Dr_Lawrence – ooooooh! Elle a 102 ans! C’est incroiable! Vous etes de la chance, d’accord? Et il y a 2 ans, j’ai fait la connaissance des quelques gens du Québec. Ils étaient si gentilles! J’aime bien les francophones.

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I thought about it. An important day in history. Yet, I did nothing in particular.

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Kind of… It’s my Moms birthday! She’s 85!

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@skfinkel – do you have connections with France/the French?

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@loser – awww, happy birthday mom Bon anniversaire, maman

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