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What are your favorite marathons you like to watch during the holidays?

Asked by dammitjanetfromvegas (4601points) December 30th, 2015

There have been many marathons running on television since Christmas. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will have many to choose from.

Are you or will you be watching a marathon?
Which ones are your favorites?

I’ve had Game of Thrones on for the past four days. South Park is on right now. I’m sure we’ll have The Twilight Zone on at some point.

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Years ago, SyFy used to do the X Files on Thanksgiving. I used to watch that while cooking.

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The new Dragonball series.

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I used to faithfully watch Twilight Zone but I know the episodes so well now I rarely watch them anymore… Plus they’re available to stream year ‘round.

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I’m watching the Twilight Zone episodes now. I’m at my parents’ place and decided to flip on the TV. I just finished watching the one about the guy who makes a pitch to Death.

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Don’t watch TV shows much other than the Top Gear specials, been sitting through the Harry Potter & Star Wars films with my son & daughter, still hits the spot.

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I clicked on this question to say Twighlight Zone. I see @dammitjanetfromvegas likes it too.
I never get tired of that show.

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The one series in perpetual marathon, meaning you can find it somewhere round the clock 24/7/365 is Law & Order. The episodes are usually chopped to pieces to accommodate commercials that are often marathons in themselves.

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We’ve been watching Luther at night. And I binge watched Pride and Prejudice.

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My sister and her partner got me hooked on Shark Tank and The Profit when I’ve visited them in Wisconsin the past couple of years, so right now I’ve been binge-watching The Profit. I don’t really do marathons.

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Hmm. I’m embarrassed to list them all, frankly.

Right now, I’m catching up on the last two seasons of Downton Abbey, which I seem to have forgotten all about. Before that, I started working my way through Supernatural, which I had always heard was good, but never watched.

I’m feeling a little like I should be doing a big re-watch of The X-Files, in anticipation of the new series, but damn, that’s a lot of episodes. I’d rather watch things I haven’t seen before. Maybe I’ll do a “best of” weekend or something instead.

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@dappled_leaves I could also re-watch The X-Files but you are right. That’s a lot to watch.

It’s past midnight now. We have Drunk History on.

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I too like the old B&W Twilight Zones but know most of them by heart. I like to binge watch 60’s TV shows, at various times it has been Bonanza, Bewitched, Andy Griffith, the old hokey horse shows like ” My Friend Flicka and Fury.” The Brady Bunch, I love Lucy. “Gunsmoke”, The Big Valley,
Reminds me of my childhood and is just good, old timey entertainment.

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@dammitjanetfromvegas “We have Drunk History on.”

I live love that.

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I don’t have cable so I don’t watch any of them. I have Netflix and a ROKU, I can pretty much make my own marathons.

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Hi @KarenP. Welcome to Fluther!

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Do you know how much I want to make a “Boston Marathon” joke?

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