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What do you think of Chocolate covered bacon?

Asked by CMaz (26268points) July 15th, 2010

I know we can do what ever we want. But, is there a point where it becomes ridiculous?

A form of abuse to our ability of our use.

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Sounds delicious, but my heart couldn’t take it.

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I think it’s all about the shock value…ho hum.

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Here’s what it looks like.

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As long as there’s a deep fried Coke to go with it.

It’s like fad food for this generation. Once the rootbeer float was looked at that way too.

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I tasted some bacon flavored chocolate that someone brought into work; while it wasn’t as disgusting as I thought it would be, I wouldn’t do it again.

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I come from the land of crazy food experiments – Minnesota! I enjoy looking at and sometimes eating the crazy stuff. Last summer (or was that 2 summers ago?) I had a deep fried candy bar. It was AMAZING.

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I don’t like bacon.

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Either give me a pound of bacon or a box of chocolates. but, not together.

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@jjmah: While I don’t understand it – he certainly thanks you.

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@ChocolateReigns share the chocolate with me and you can have the bacon. Just don’t mix the two together.

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@jjmah Maybe not…..Notice the username? ;)

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@ChocolateReigns just a square (of chocolate)? Do you have a square to spare (Seinfeld reference)?

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I’m thinking thru the logistics, do you cook the bacon allow it to cool and cover it with chocolate? Or serve it warm with melted chocolate. I think the pop factor when you first put it in your mouth would be cool. I’m seriously twisted when it comes to trying new things, so now I’m intrigued.

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I’ll tell you when I’m done with throwing up!

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@cprevite Can’t eat Babe. Look at that face!

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I vote for @john65pennington answer…Love both, but together…that is far out!

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I’ve had it. It’s the combination of sweet and salt that I liked about it. Frankly, I think bacon in cinnamon-vanilla ice cream is better.

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@jjmah: He is adorable. But pigs (and we have two of them here at the farm) are wonder animals…cute, intelligent and delicious.

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@cprevite I was tempted to write “sort of like me” but I don’t want to end up on a spit.

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I would like it if the bacon could be kept crisp.

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I’d run a hundred miles for some.

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@janbb: Hmmmmm – Penguin…on a spit

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I would try it. I have tried emu, kangaroo and alligator. Hell, I’ve tried chitlins. One bite of chocolate-covered bacon won’t kill me, especially if it’s dark chocolate and the bacon is properly crisp.

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I’ll take a bite and let you know what I think after I finish eating this fruit-filled wolf burger ;)

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in small doses I could learn to love it… they have tobacco flavored beer in Canada

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sounds repulsive. But rolled in seasoned flour or corn meal and deep fried sounds good.

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I think it’s yuck.

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We’ve become so excessive in every sense :/

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I think fools will eat anything as long as its bad for them. They probably wouldn’t eat a chocolate covered salad.

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Or lemon meringue pie topped with catsup.

And check out “bacon art”:

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Sounds a lot like the deep fried mars bar idea. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should, surely.

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I’ve taken crispy bacon and spread nutella on it, after watching a Food Network Dinner Impossible show where they were in wildwood NJ and Michael Psilakis (I think) took bacon to Laura’s fudge, and they enrobed bacon with chocolate and put crushed nuts on top

ok, so if you DO like bacon, and you’ve ever eaten it with pancakes, and the maple syrup gets on the bacon and you have that nice mapley, sweet, smoky, salty flavor going on

putting nutella on crispy bacon isn’t much different than that experience, salty, sweet, smoky, nutty… it’s pretty good as a *taste

I wouldn’t want to chow down a whole plate of it but it’s good

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No thanks.

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They make deep fried oreos/ice cream around here. Never tried them but heard they’re delicious. Personally I dont trust it- health wise.

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It sounds positively nasty. That’s just what we need in America – more poor food ideas like this one to bolster the fact that we’re already the fattest country on the planet. Nice.

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I saw that it is on the menu at the California State Fair this week, and I really want to try it.

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This needs a name. How ‘bout Choco-Pork?

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Personally, I prefer Maple-bacon donuts ;)

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@gemiwing: I make bacon glazed in reduced coca cola syrup. We call it crack cuisine.

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I think it’s a waste of good bacon.

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Some buger joint just revealed they are going to sell a buger sub…......this is ridiculous to the point of making me angry.

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@Blackberry: Yes, but if nobody purchased such things…

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@Blackberry burger hoagies are nothing new around here (SE PA) and as @cprevite said, if nobody bought them, they wouldn’t still be on the menus at these places @Bluefreedom everything in moderation…

ONE piece of bacon with chocolate on it would be fine, but I agree, that so many people are gluttonous, so before you know it, someone will market boxes of chocolate covered bacon and you’ll see the same people that would otherwise sit and eat a half gallon of rocky road, sitting down with a box of chocolate covered bacon and harf it all down at once.

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@Blackberry I thought it was spelled “booger”. lol

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@christine215 While I have no doubt, I managed to stay at ~150 pounds for over 20 years despite eating a full pound of bacon at a single sitting on a fairly regular basis so don’t ruin it for us active people with high metabolisms.

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@Adirondackwannabe Oh crap lol. I hate when I make typos. I meant ‘burger’.

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@jerv: You forgot to mention that you were 4’ 11”.

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@gailcalled Heh. Off by over a foot :P

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It sounds weird, but i wouldn’t be surprised it if tastes good. There are restaurants that make a chocolate sauce to go with your steak, and that’s good, so i hear from a family member that had that. Also, bacon wrapped around a glaze cherry and baked until crisp is really really yummy, so maybe the chocolate will be ok too?

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Sweet and savory can complement each other nicely. Why do you think some people like a hunk of sharp cheddar on their apple pie?

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Only time I have seen someone eat that is…

Robert De Niro – Taxi Driver

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Not much.

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i’ve been thinking about this chocolate covered bacon thing for a while. that would be real good. might try it.

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You have been thinking about t for a whole month?

Somebody, get this man some bacon!

And, some chocolate.

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An acquaintance just wrote on fb about what she made for dinner last night:

“roasted red pepper gravy, saffron rice, and pork loin stuffed with spiced covered garlic cloves . . . not to mention the chocolate covered, toasted almond sprinkled bacon”

Holy smokes. I just had to share that with somebody, and found this thread.

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