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Early 90's late night softcore series name?

Asked by Adfsfk (7points) July 15th, 2010

There was a softcore or erotic series which showed late at night on Fridays and Saturdays on cable TV during the early 90’s but I can’t remember its name. It featured short “stories” set in medieval or renaissance times in full period clothing and staging. It was very tame but it was tasteful. Anyone remember what it was? Thanks in advance!!

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Red Shoe Diaries?

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that wasn’t medieval….or renaissance…. I never saw this one you mean… but I saw a few ‘Red Shoe’ episodes with David Duchovny.

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Marilyn Chamber’s? I think it was “Bedtime Stories”?

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Cell Block H?

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I was going to say The Hitchhiker but that was set in modern times.

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I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Red Shoe Diaries. It featured stories such as a peasant watching a couple make love in a barn, a piano teacher dressed as Mozart doing the same to her student, and a wigged noble escaping at night for some love with her servant in a greenhouse. Everyone dressed according to the epoch.

It was from the early 90’s or late 80’s, and it could possibly have been European. I think I used to watch it either on HBO or Cinemax.

It was tame and you never got to see anything below the navel, but it was very tasteful and for a teenager quite enthralling. Pretty women in pantyhose look spectacular in any case.

Please help, not being able to find or remember this is making me crazy.

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Lady Chatterly ??
In 1993 a lengthy television mini-series entitled Lady Chatterley directed by Ken Russell starring Joely Richardson and Sean Bean for BBC Television. This film incorporates some material from the longer second version John Thomas and Lady Jane.

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USA Network’s “UP All Night” with Rhonda Shearer (wiki)

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Yeah I know what are you asking for man, these series are top class even 24 years later. The show is french and its called “La serie rose” which means Pink series. You should search hard – some episodes may be found through google search, but also you can buy the entire collection from ebay for around 150$. Hope I’ve been of use and greatings from Bulgaria!

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