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How would you describe your walk & have others ever commented on it?

Asked by ucme (45421points) July 15th, 2010

Yeah everyone has a different walk. Some walks are very regimented while others are fairly extrovert. Fast or slow, arse wiggle or arms swinging. So come on boots, start walking.

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People have told me to slow down.I don’t .I make them toddle after me like a drunk monkey.

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People tell me I walk too fast and to slow down.
I also have a horrible slouching problem and it’s quite noticeable in my stance and sometimes in my walk, but the only people who comment on that would be my mom or a close friend.

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omg . What a question. A little sway-back meaning my butt sticks out and a little pigeon-toed. Good posture, though! lol finishing school classes

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Forgot 2nd part: one old BF said he thought my being pigeon toed “is adorable.” His opinion , not mine. He had ulterior motives anyway.

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People always tell me to slow down. I don’t mean to walk so fast, but it’s just a habit I have. I have pretty long legs, so that might be the cause as well.

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My mother used to describe my walk as “walking like you’re walking behind a plow.” Charming thing to say to one’s child, eh what?

She made me self-conscious about it. She also made me go to modeling school as a teenager.

No one else has ever commented on my walk before or since.

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What is it about women & speed walking? I mean trying to keep up with the wife is like running a bloody marathon.She claims she isn’t even hurrying half the time.Must be in the engine room (hips & arse) ;¬}

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I have a fast-paced, purposeful walk, but my hips sway a little bit and my arms swing back and forth. I don’t realize that I’m walking so quickly but people always have to tell me to slow down, and I get very annoyed when they can’t keep up. Like @casheroo, my relatively long legs could be the culprit. I don’t believe anyone has ever specifically commented on my walk other than the pace, although someone once found it amusing that the way I walk apparently causes my hair to look like it’s blowing in the wind like in movies.

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“Slow down, you move to fast”

I have wee legs (I’m all of 5’2’) and sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with my girlfriend. I have to tell her to slow down.

<—This is me from behind, walking. :D That’s about it.

Fun quesiton. :)

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Have you seen the film March of the Penguins?

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@janbb Yeah? Do continue…

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Count me in as one that’s frequently told to slow down. I do walk fast.
A few years ago a stranger came up to me and (he was quite an elderly man, so I don’t think this was meant as a pick up line..) told me that he was impressed with my walk, because you don’t usually see tall women walking so proudly with their shoulders back and chin up.

So apparently I have good posture.

I also have a mild case of scoliosis that sometimes gives me a barely noticeable limp.

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I walk with my wrists limp. :P

Just kidding. I don’t really know how to describe it. The only peculiarity that I’m aware of is that only my left arm swings; my right arm remains perfectly still.

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@DominicX Oh you mincing queen you :P

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I took an improv workshop with some super-special-top-of-the-line improviser a couple of years ago. He had us all walk across the stage to teach us how to create a character with just our bodies, but initially, we walked in our normal fashions. Apparently, I am a “feet-first” walker, and I walk pretty quickly. Part of it is because I live in NYC, and part of it is that I was so much smaller than the other kids growing up that I had to walk fast in order to keep up with my longer-legged buddies, who just seemed to lope along.

At the workshop, some walked knees-first, some were hips-first, some chest- and some head-first. When I was on stage and wanted to create a “sexy” character, I had to consciously remember to put each foot ahead of the other one, like a runway model, in order to get the same hip swing like I do in stilettos. To walk that way is very hard in flats and trainers. My arms remain at my sides and don’t swing.

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My wife says I have kind of a stiff white guy walk, but sort of look like the Terminator as I look left and right slowly. So I guess it sort of looks like a stiff walk, with arms swinging a bit, no shoulder movement, and head turning back and forth. Sounds pretty stupid now that I’ve seen it described in writing. Whenever I think about it, I try to loosen my knees up a bit to put a little glide in my stride and dip in my hip, but that probably doesn’t look much better. Just one more thing to be a weirdo about I guess.

In fact I just decided to update my profile pic to show what I’m talking about.

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@aprilsimnel that’s interesting, because I’ve never heard of it before. But I think I am definitely a hips first walker.
GA… really made me think about it :)

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@marinelife I think we have the same mom. Mine told me I walk like a guy.

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I’ve been applying to the Ministry of Silly Walks for funding to develop my walk. I’ll have to get back to you on this.

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@Dr_Dredd Yeah, yeah, of course you have dear, next you’ll be telling me you “Walk Like an Egyptian” Funny that because my mummy does ;¬}

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I walk very fast and it is mentioned all the time. My boss says that I walk like I am on a mission!

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“Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon.” Oh no, songs with walk in the lyrics.Hmm…..

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When I was a kid, my dad said he could watch just the shadow outline of each of us kids walking from across a field and know exactly who it was. He told me I lumber like a bear (which every 8 year old girl loves to hear). Now I limp (except for my new shoes which are magical). So I guess I walk like a wounded bear with springs on her feet . . . nothing at all like the cougar I had hoped to be . . .

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When you’re pidgeon-toed, knock-need, AND you have severely flat feet it’s almost impossible not to walk funny. I was blissfully unaware of most of these traits until my mid-20s when a girlfriend angrily blurted out “why do you walk like that?!?”. I’ve been paranoid ever since. Imagine anytime you walk anywhere consciously trying to make sure each step you take is as straight/normal as possible. Other people with similarly low levels of class/decorum have commented on my locomotion as well. Way to go on those genes, mom and dad.

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I always thought I walked funny (knock-kneed, and pidgeon toed^). But I will never forget one day when I was younger, I walked toward the bus to board it and the bus driver said, “you’re Slow Brown’s daughter, ain’t you”. He said he could tell by the walk. So I guess I walk like my Pops.

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Smooth, not exaggeratedly sexy and I have good posture. My mother sent me to a charm school/finishing school where they dissected our body types, our natural strides and then went to work on us from there to appear natural, whatever that is. It works in my favor so I don’t knock it.

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There’s this one boy at my school who always comments on the way I walk, he says I walk like a guy, but when I asked him why my walk was like a guy, he never answers.
So I’m not sure if I DO walk like a guy or not.

I’m a slow walker, I constantly have to catch up with people. I bump into things a lot as well, too much on my mind, I guess.

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@ucme No, I don’t “Walk Like an Egyptian.” I just “Walk the Line.” :-)

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I walk on my hands and crawl on the ceilings.

Well not really, but I’m pretty speedy, and since I barely eat anything healthy I’m quite thin, (IE, malnourished.) and so when I’m in large crowds I can easily slide and slip by people. Since I’m a Goth it’s been said that it either looks hilarious or kinda freaky, but otherwise, in more normal circumstances, I have sort of an athletic walk since I’m always such in a hurry. Which is a little odd since I smoke a pack a day, am always either drunk or hungover, and don’t eat well. At least it should look epic when I fall and die.

But what I get the most comments on is, indeed, how I get around in large crowds.

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I was always told that I looked stiff when I walked. I was a gymnast. What did they expect? I think I’ve loosened up a bit. I’d say my posture is good, my gait is narrow, and only my hips move.

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People have told me that I walk like I’m going on a mission. They say I have a very determined stride like I’m going to do something.

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