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What is the cheapest way from Ca to Wa?

Asked by shadowofdeath (437points) July 15th, 2010

im looking for a cheap way to get from Los Angeles, Ca to Vancouver, Wa. any ideas?

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@reijinni haha well i was thinking something a bit safer. i dont know a whole lot about buses or flights

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You might check into the Green Tortiose Bus, I know they use to run between SF and Seattle but they might have expanded Good Luck

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Getting fares online is pretty simple. for the bus. for flights.

Note that while the bus might be cheaper it might cost more due to the food consumed during the trip.

Assuming the best you are looking at 20 hours on the bus. The plane trip will be three hours.

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@johnpowell i was looking at greyhound, is there anything a bit cheaper?

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Woops! You’ll want to use this link (:^)>

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I just emailed them they aren’t running a regular route anymore, sorry

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@doublebogie its alright thanks anyways

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Southwest or Alaskan Airlines from LAX to Portland should be fairly inexpensive. Vancouver, WA is just across the river from Portland.

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JetBlue also has good fares. You would be leaving from Long Beach Airport instead of LAX, so the airport will be a lot smaller and less complicated.

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@VohuManah thank you that is by far the cheapest =)

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Rideshare on craigslist has people looking for riders to split driving and gas cost or vice versa. They usually list where they are traveling from and where they are going or you can post your trip and people going that way contact you. A step above hitchhiking because you can research who you are riding with first.

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@buster an interesting suggestion, ill be sure to look into that

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