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My Dad is bald, dose that mean I will go bald as well.

Asked by axlefoley (347points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

will I go bald.

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95% Yes

You have alternative – that the doctor can cut “them“off.

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It’s very likely. My Dad was bald and 3 out of 4 of my brothers lost their hair too.

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I also wondered that because my dad is bald. My brother-in-law told me though that it depends on your mother’s side, because we get our hair from our mom. I hope that’s true because my mom has thick hair, and my hair is real thick right now.

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The scientific community used to say that male pattern baldness was passed down through the maternal line (if you mothers’ father was bald, then you will be). Apparently that has been at least partially debunked, but I have not heard a simple explanation for determination of future hair loss – apparently it’s much more complicated than originally thought.

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@syz, just anecdotally speaking, I’ve always heard the same thing… that you need to look to your mother’s side for baldness there.

This conversation is actually the first I’ve heard where folks thought it came from the father’s side.


Well, gee, what do you know. There is evidence that seems to agree with the majority on this thread.

Great, just when I think I’ve got something figured out, I have to learn the rules all over again.

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The “mother’s father” line is nonsense, and has been debunked for years.

The gene for baldness is a sex-hormone linked trait. You inherit it from both your parents, but it’s only expressed when you have male levels of testosterone in your body.

So you need to look at the men on both sides of your family; your mother may have the genes to go bald, but because she doesn’t have high levels of testosterone, she doesn’t lose her hair.

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Any rumours about how baldness passes down the family is the same as how twins do (outside of fertility treatments) – sometimes evolution hands us a funky twist (like my son’s wrestling coach who is Mexican and his wife has black hair too – one son was born the first carrot top from her family in many, many generations which was quite a surprise to both of them!). Are you asking because you are afraid of going bald yourself? Bald is sexy – have you seen Vin Diesel with hair? Ick! He looks much more gorgeous without it. But remember whatever fate hands you – no combovers!!

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hey hi…firstlii just stop thinking about any thing as such….many a times if you have the genes within you…you may face the same problems…but it is not always necessary to happen so….it can so happen that you just go on thinking about it and lose your hair going through stress…so better dont think much about it…....well if wish to clear any other myth as such you may check it out from the link

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