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Is this weird?

Asked by modelchik4 (121points) March 20th, 2008

My ex boyfriend of on and off since 2003 is like best friends with one of the guys I broke up with him for back in like 2004. I think this is super weird. I still really like my ex because he was the best boyfriend ever. And when I go back to Arizona to visit I always end up spending half of my time there with him. Now the other guy still calls me and tells me that he misses me and that he wants to be with me and he is sorry for messing what we had up back then. I tell him to give it up all the time but he doesnt care obviously! So i think this is too weird.

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Are you asking if it’s weird that your exes get along?

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Yea thats what Im asking. Cause I left my ex four times for that other guy, but me and that other guy were never an official couple. I understand that was a while ago, but the other guys still calls me and asks me to be with him knowing that I dont and also knowing that I still have feelings for my ex and that the only reason we are not together is because he is in Arizona and i am in NC.

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Conceited much??? Get over yourself, why don’t you date guys in YOUR state and move on with your life?

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Wow that was rude cheebdragon and for your information I used to live in Arizona for about 4years! So that is why. I transfered colleges. So stop being so rude!

And nobody is conceited. Nothing in this post says anything about me being conceited!

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It does feel odd when exes become friends. I left Ohio to move to Florida, and two of my exes came together to see me! I just about hit the floor when I saw them together, because they hated each other when I was with one of them. Later on, they found they had a lot in common, and became friends. It’s not really that weird if you think about it. After all they must be something alike or have similar traits if you dated both of them.

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Yea they used ot hate each other to, especially the one who calls me all the time! But I guess they do have a lot in common its just so weird when I go back to Arizona to visit and I see them partying together or when I spend time with my ex the other guy calls me or we see him out.

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It shows a lot of maturity on their part that they have been able to get past their jealousy over you. if you’re not planning to move back there, I’d say just enjoy a casual friendship with them both.

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See but the problem is I cant just be friends with my ex. The other guy I can. Its like when I go visit him in AZ its like we are back together again, but when I leave the fairy tale stops.

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I know it must be hard, but unless you are going to move back there, or he is willing to move where you are, it really has little chance of working out. If you continue this way, you will both get hurt. Why is he your ex? Is it because you moved or some other reason? You might be fooling yourself into thinking things can be good again with him because you get along so well on short visits. But how was it when you were with him full time?

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it was great when we were together all the time. I dont even know why we broke up to be honest. It was easier not to think about him when I was dating someone else because my attention is elsewhere, but when he turned out to be a loser it just made me think of my ex more because he was the best bf I have ever had. But I know he is never leaving AZ and I know I am never going back so I gotta just chop that one up for a loss.

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Wow. That’s a new one. Chaulk that one up for a loss.

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