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What would you suggest as the title of the new Indiana Jones movie?

Asked by ucme (49877points) March 15th, 2016

Harrison Ford has agreed to make another Indy film, given his age & any other inspiration you care to use, pick a working title for his latest adventure.

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Indiana Jones and the Expendables.
Indiana Jones and the secret of the Old Folk’s Home.
Indiana Jones and the putrid corpse of his carreer.
Indiana Jones and the Wish for Death.
Indiana Jones: Nothing left to live for.

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Invalid Jones & the Hip Replacement
Injured Bones & the Stairlift of Doom
Raiders of the Lost Interest Long Long Ago

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Indiana jones and the apology for the kindom of the crystal skull

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Indiana Jones and the Aging Male Actor

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Geriatric Jones and the Quest for Methuselah’s Cane

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Raiders of the Lost Depends

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Retirement home Jones and the gold plated zimmer of doom.

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The force awakens…error that’s already taken.

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Beat the Old Nag to the Finish Line.

Dad and I Snogged the Same Woman Part II.

“Film Sequels Are Like Any Other Machine, They’re Either a Benefit or a Hazard. If They’re a Benefit It’s Not My Problem”.

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Indiana Jones and the Alien invasion.

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Indiana Jones and the secret of the lost walker.

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Indiana Jones and the Sequel that Surprisingly Doesn’t Suck (like all the others)
Indiana Jones and the Director Who Remembered What He Did Right The First Time

I mean, I can easily imagine a good new Indiana Jones film, but I’m not at all confident that Hollywood can.

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Indiana Jones Meets Laura Croft and Nathan Drake

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Indiana Jones meets Dora the Explorer.

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Indiana ’ s attorney vs. Gold bond medicated powder company.

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Incontinent Jones & the Genuine Piss Take
Indiana Jones & the Last, last, no really, last Crusade
Riders of the Lost Arse

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Indiana Jones Finally Does Me

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Get Off My Plane… Wait… Ummmmm…

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Indiana Jones and please pass the baton to someone other than Shia Labeouf

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“Working title” means the title used to pitch a work to producers and to add a bit of security until the project is finished.

Snakes On a Plane was the film’s working title. Another (probably insipid) title would have been used for release, however Samuel L. Jackson said he would come (so to speak) on board if the working title was kept.

The working title for the new Doctor Who was Torchwood, an anagram of Doctor Who.

The title of the show Torchwood was somewhat of an injoke.

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Indiana Jones meets Mr. Trump.

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Indiana Jones and the Search for the Source of Viagra

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Indiana and Noah Jones: Hazing the Ark Park

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Indiana Jones and the Geritol Kingdom

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Indiana Jones and the Secret of Why I Walked into the Kitchen again.

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Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Nuked Fridge.
Indiana Jones and the Absence of Aliens and Deus Ex Machina.
Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Crystal Skull (rewritten entirely).

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Indiana Jones and the Maybe They’ll Kill Him Off Like They Did Han Solo.

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