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Is Sharktopus the next big meme, or just a flash in the pan?

Asked by jerv (31034points) July 18th, 2010

I am just wondering if you all thought that Sharktopus had the same traction as “I kan haz cheezburger?” and other similar silliness.

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Well, it probably isn’t.

Sharktopus has been around for a long time and has never really gotten all that big, so I guess I don’t really see it. Plus, other better memes like Sad Keanu.

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I’m betting it’ll sink rather than swim.

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Bearsharktopus kicked it’s ass off the internet a while ago.

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I’m pretty sure lolcats will never meet their match.

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Maybe it’s all just hype and hoopla about the upcoming movie then :/l

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Nevah heard of it but then I nevah heard of kan haz cheezburger? WTF

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@jerv has the answer.

After all, it happened with 2012. :D

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