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Why do women have only two boobs, and what would be the ideal amount?

Asked by zenele (8252points) July 18th, 2010

You know, like in Total Recall, where she had three, e.g., and they looked – um, just fine.

And no biology lessons for this Golden Boy – just answer the question Socially – or I’ll flag your ass.

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Two’s not enough for you, greedy man?

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As a woman in possession of two breasts, I would say this is the exact right number. It was plenty to feed my children, is plenty for my man to enjoy, and only having two keeps the price of a decent bra under $75. All in all not a bad set-up.

As a girl with three big brothers and of course their gaggle of horny teenage friends, I spent my teens hearing that three or maybe four would be the optimum number. Something about having something to hold onto while slow dancing.

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@SuperMouse “As a woman in possession of two breasts,”—and “As a girl with three big brothers…”
Make up your mind, please…, is it two or three? ~

I think one (big) boob, in the exact middle of the chest, would be sufficient.
Two nipples, though.

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I like symmetry and my choice would be an even number.

But in all ernest… two is ideal. They create this beautiful valley in between, where I can focus on.

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Al Bundy: Women should have three breasts – two in front and one in the back for dancing.

Although I remember the quote being different for some reason.

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@zenele Does that make you wish you had three hands, or are you doing okay with two? :-)

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I can juggle. Really. Just saying.

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Well..this is a stretch mark of a question.

Should men have two penises?

The heir and a spare? lol

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Humans generally don’t throw litters. On the other hand, one extra boob in the middle of her back could make slow-dancing more interesting.

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I think even one boob would do. It’s annoying switching sides to feed. No wonder lefty is getting bigger than righty.

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Maybe guys should have a prick in the middle of the back too while we’re designing for dancing?

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I have always thought 2 more on their back would be ideal! Hugs would be most awesome!

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one for each hand!

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Hahaha…you guy’s are cracking me up…from cradle to grave…all it takes is the mention of boobs! lololololol

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That is what the love handles are for.

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My ideal amount would be none…I’d like to put them on when necessary to breastfeed and then take ‘em off…can you arrange that?

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An extra set would be great in case you need someone new to talk to.


God gave us two of almost everything, two eyeballs, two lungs, two kidneys, etc., so in case we lose one in an accident, we still got another. As for breasts, two are enough for me, as long as they’re nicely shaped and perky!

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Remember that Jane Goodall footage of the chimp that tried to carry a handful of fruit but he kept dropping them because he only had 2 hands? Yeah. Two is perfect.

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Two is bad enough. They’re hot and heavy. And bras? Don’t even get me started.

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One to smack you in the head with. ;-)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Seriously, detachable boobies. That would be great.

It’d be nice to wear a button-down again without feeling like I’m busting out like June. Or having to get every proper shirt sized for them when the rest of me is proportionally much smaller.

Three? Or more? Sartorial nightmare.

@zenele, for you, guy.

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A woman was standing in a crowded lift of the hotel she was staying in. When a man got in and accidentally elbowed her in the breast.

The man said, “I’m sorry! But if your heart is as soft as your breast, you’ll forgive me.”

So the woman replies, “If your “thang” is as hard as your elbow then I am staying in room 113.”

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Two is perfect, thank you very much.

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My wife has three boobs.
There’s Lefty, Righty, and yours truly.

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@AstroChuck Yeah. You are a boob, aren’t you.~

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I would be out of balance with 3…..and not enough hands.

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Humans are symmetrical.

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@lucillelucillelucille GA.

@aprilsimnel Aha – so it is doable.

@AstroChuck I got nothing.


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@casheroo You need to stop going out with left handed guys.

@AstroChuck Reminds me of the waitress who told me she kicked her husband in all three knees.
The left knee, the right knee, and the wee knee.

@zenele I am all for 3 boobs. I am a feed the worlder.

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I can’t answer that, but some psychotic hentai fan might be able to.

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Any more than two would be wasted. Men have only two hands.

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@downtide But they have a mouth too!

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@chels I like the way you think.

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Because you have two hands. :P

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Some babies are born with four or six. It’s rare, but it does happen. Old mammalian genes. Surgery takes care of them. But they might come in handy after giving birth to quadruplets. Polygamous women might appreciate them too satisfying multiple lover boys…

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^ And Octomom…


Two is wholly sufficient to provide endless pleasure! ;)

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Well, I suppose 2 are good for symmetry or having 1 or 2 babies. More than 2 would probably be ideal for triplets or more. Just think how many breasts dogs have and how many puppies they give birth to (6 breasts and usually 3 to 6 puppies).

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