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Is the website "23/6" serious, or a joke like "The Onion"?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) March 20th, 2008

I honestly can’t tell if they are kidding!

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Joke. It’s the comedy wing of The Huffington Post.

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Ah thanks, I subscribe to the Post, but I could never see why they linked to what can appear to be so bigoted sometimes… :P

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Like the Onion, its a parody of news. Checkout the videos, there very funny.


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Dang. I can see a round of junk emails coming to me now and citing the articles on 24/6 as a fact just like the ones do from the Onion. I hate those because many of them do sound like they can be plausible and I have a permanent bookmark on to check before I panic. I just found a link–6 that describes what it is. Enjoy. I am always up for a new website fo a good laugh.

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