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What are the recommended charging habits for the iPhone?

Asked by purephase (749points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

Does it make a difference when you charge the phone? As in, should I let the battery run down to the red zone before recharging? Also, once the battery is fully charged, should it be removed from the dock? I have always understood this to be the best way but I have heard different regarding the iPhone. Thanks for any input.

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I’ll quote some other guy:

As an electrical engineer, I’ll tell you that Li-ion batteries do have a ‘sweet-spot’ that extends their life. If you discharge the battery to 35–38% charge remaining and then charge it back up to full, the battery will operate more efficiently over time, and last longer.

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Many thanks!

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Not a prob, I just learned something myself :)

I’ve been fully discharging mine…

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The Apple Web site says to fully discharge and charge it once per month to ensure calibration, but I’d also believe the above.

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My iPhone’s never reached below 10% battery, I use it during day and put in dock to charge overnight, figured while it’s sitting there I’ll charge it, in case I don’t get time to charge and have to use it for longer next time.
Always done that with all my phones.

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How do you tell when its 35–38% on an iPod Touch?

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Yes. What you should do is completely use up the battery once a month. This calibrates the battery. Just like how most do on laptops. Completely drain, Fully charge without using and leave it in for a few extra hours.

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You should also do this when you first get the iPhone. I can’t explain how happy I am with my battery.

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