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Do aliens walk among us?

Asked by josie (30652points) July 19th, 2010

Take it easy people, I am not talking about the ones from another country.
I have a friend from high school who is convinced that outer space aliens in human form are living among us, plotting against us, and waiting for their “moment”.
I keep telling him that without evidence, there is no epistemological basis for making the assertion.
He doesn’t want to hear it.
He simply “knows” that it is true.
So I began to wonder. How many other people believe that space aliens in human form are in our midst?
Do you?
Does anyone you know?
BTW, before you have fun with me, I do not believe it, nor am I one of them.

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I guess it is a harmless delusion or he had extraordinary foresight~!

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Whether or not there is extraterrestrial life is a pretty interesting question, but the distances are so vast we aren’t likely ever to meet up with any alien life.

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Maybe they are the actual “golden ones” here, insidious devils.

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@gailcalled Interesting. I never even thought to make the connection. I’ll ask him. Plus, I think I feel another question coming on…

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Personally I don’t believe it, but if it did happen we wouldn’t necessarily need proof. It’s not because you can’t prove it that it doesn’t happen, and ultimately, if aliens were doing that, of course they’d ensure by all means possible that we would never pick it up.

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Ask him about his sleep habits. Does he seem to wake up, but be unable to move? Does he feel like the aliens are operating on him? Or doing other experiments? Is he terrified?

It is fairly common for people with sleep paralysis to have experiences that would lead them to say what your friend says. They are often reluctant to talk about the full experiences they have because they believe no one will believe them. They may only talk about the general story without mentioning their own experiences. They know that most people who talk about being abducted by aliens are considered to be crazy.

People with sleep paralysis also hear the aliens talking amongst each other about their plans. The plots. There is also often a feeling of impending doom (aliens waiting for their moment).

If you act sympathetic, and if you believe that he experiences what he says he experiences, then he may open up to you. If he gets his information in the time when he is falling asleep or waking up, it’s a pretty good sign.

He should go to a sleep doctor to ask about sleep paralysis, if he has some of this other stuff going on.

There are also things you can do without drugs to deal with sleep paralysis. But that’s another topic for another day, should it be needed.

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@wundayatta That is an informative, touching and sensitive answer.
I usually say “Dude, smoke less dope and take more vitamins”.
I wish I had your velvet touch.

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Aren’t the Scientologists consider themselves aliens?

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Here is a link about some secret operation called TANGO-SIERRA. I would always think distance from other solar systems even in our own neighborhood of this galaxy would still make it difficult for travel here. If these aliens are thousands of years ahead of us in technical ability however maybe they have figured out a way to reach us.

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you can tell an alien by one annoying trait: they can’t spell definitely correctly.

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I gotta’ tell you that Leonardo da Vinci fellah was one smart guy. Too smart…
He’s my candidate for being an alien if there ever was one.
OK, and Sarah P., too!.

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“and waiting for their “moment”

yes, they’re trying to get my ice cream. they better hurry… melting fast

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“I do not believe it, nor am I one of them.”

a likely answer concealing reptilian eyes with your crocodile smile… a likely answer. keep yer scales off my ice cream.

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I have not met anyone like that, although I would like to, to see why they feel this way.

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They are very easy to spot if you have the right kind of sunglasses.

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@Blondesjon Bwahaha, classic.

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According to the Urban Dictionary anyone of us could be an alien. It just depends on who is looking at you.
‘One who fails to conform to earth’s normal customs and courtesies. There every action and comment would lead a resonable person to believe they are from another planet’.- Urban Dictionary

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I’m here to ask questions and kick ass. And I’m all out of questions.

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I too believe Aliens live among us. Years ago humans were not aware of the various species that exist in the sea world. God is far to creative to have stopped with humans. Of course there is no proof to this assertion as there is not proof to the existence of God but one doesn’t ridicule a person for this belief.

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@mponochie I ridicule my friend frequently. He thinks there is God as well. He has a sense of humor though. Which is good. He is the only person on earth that I am sure could beat me up.

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Yes, they do. Just ask my dog; she talks in her sleep.

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If I had a dollar for each time my rectum has been probed by those bug-eyed bastards, I could afford better entertainment than Fluther.

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Yes and at the right moment I will reveal my mission.

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The grey fellow and the Nordic looking guy next to me say this is a preposterous question.

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I think it’s very difficult to make a contemporary case that answers your particular question in the affirmative. I think if you look to the history and artifacts of “founding civilizations,” there’s a strong possibility of alien influence if not presence. I also have heard two testimonials of strong possibility for intelligent life beyond (above) the planet’s surface from people I know personally who would definitively know and not have reason to present delusion as fact.

There’s a lot of manmade stuff that would likely be mistaken for alien, IMHO. Also, I would say that there are people who channel extraterrestrial energies and that those energies do substantially influence planetary events and dynamics.

Alien beings walking around, though, who knows.

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… to throw in a little bit of Shakespeare, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

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Rofl… I guess its possible. Even if they did though, I don’t think they plan to destroy us or are “waiting for there moment”, because its likely they would have done that already lol. Also, great answer kevbo! :D However I do think aliens exist, since it is unlikely with how incredibly infinite the universe is that we are the only living specimens on this one and only planet out of like, a million. Seriously. A funny example of people who don’t take this into consideration is my friend; she stated “I believe in vampires, I mean they could be here, I don’t know for sure. (I say, what bout aliens?) ....I don’t believe in aliens. It doesn’t seem likely.” And I kid you not, that was our conversation. I laughed my ass off. Anyway, back to the point. And even if they were here, like, sitting right next to me saying how she believes in vampires but not aliens, and even if they WERE waiting for there moment, I don’t think it be a moment of doom or destruction, maybe they are just waiting for us to take our heads out of our asses and start getting smarter so that they can say, Oh hey, yea, we have just been living underground for millennium watching you and possibly eating you. What? You think this is YOUR planet? BUWHAHAHAHAH. No. Anyway. It would likely go along those lines. So in conclusion, I don’t know if they are here or not. I think they are somewhere though. And maybe instead of convincing your friend they don’t exist, maybe you should convince him that just because they are alien doesn’t actually mean they eat us or want to destroy us. Whatever happened to nice aliens? XD

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They’re stuck in line at the DMV… waiting for their moment.

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If they did, we wouldn’t know. They would be like zookeepers and we are the animals in their zoo.

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I agree. It only stands to reason with almost any greater intelligence. Perhaps the chimps in the zoo are chuckling to themselves at these humans who give them bucketfuls of fruit every day. Likewise maybe we are being pruned in some manner to some day serve the interests of other life forms or are already doing so by our machines. Although I admit if you really think about it too long you might start to get paranoid or believe some conspiracy theories. And hey are the chimps really any worse for the wear? They get healthy meals and a predator free environment. So you could always argue that position as well,

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“I can believe that someone is crazy(not you) without any evidence,I just believe it and I like to live in my fantasy world”. I tend to ignore irrational comment.

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@SeventhSense – Yes, the zoo hypothesis can explain the Fermi paradox.

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No; not walking among us. Just flying around above us.
except when abducting someone for an exam

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Husband just came home and said, “I played golf with a retired general” and I said , “neat” and he said, “I asked him if he’d ever seen a UFO and he said yes” and I said, “that’s it? No details?” and he said, “it was on his plane’s radar but wasn’t showing up on anyone else’s.”
That was all he said.

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I suppose it’s time to tell you that we, the Golden Ones of Fluther, are also not of this earth.

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Do aliens walk among us?

Si Señor

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I already knew that. I asked the Golden question to draw you out.

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I think that it is foolish to not consider such an accusation, but however I my self will not believe such a conspiracy without any reliable proof. I do believe stories and experiences that my family and friends have had with extraterrestrials, since I have read news in the paper that back up their stories, but without any visual proof of my own I cannot make up my mind as to whether I believe that such beings walk among us at this time. This is a very good question that you state and I appreciate your curiosity on this topic. I will have to wait to see for my self if something like this does happen before my eyes, one day. I answer this question with so much angst because my sister just told me a story about how she saw a very tall man on a sky train that appeared to be fixing his joints while not holding onto to anything while the train was moving. She said that everyone was staring at him as he performed his suttle acts of tinkers to his own arm, which she said to be mechanical (metal). It was a very strange story, which intrigued me to a significant degree.

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