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Do you believe Vitamins are really Healthy ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) July 20th, 2010

Have you seen results by taking Vitamins ? I was reading an article and the guy who was talking said Vitamins don’t really do anything, and sometimes, they can even be very bad for you.


I’m currently taking Vitamin C and Vitamin B12.

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No not really….whole foods are healthy! Eat right and you will get all the vitamins and mineral you need no extra charge!

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I don’ know about B12, but you can get 100% of the RDA for vitamin C from a glass of orange juice. Or grapefruit juice or tomato. Much more enjoyable than a pill,

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I think they are useful only if you are missing something that you should get from sunlight or your diet.

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What if you don’t eat fruits or veggies everyday? Would taking Vitamins be ok for that?

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Not really. I believe if you aren’t able to eat well then vitamins as supplements are good.

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Of course vitamins work… Who has ever said vitamins are a bad idea?

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Vitamins are great when used as intended, that is as a supplement to catch what you occasionally miss in your normal diet. I usually take 3 daily vitamins a week, any more and I feel the effects.

Vitamins as a sole source of needed nutrients are a bad idea.

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Water soluble vitamins that you do not use will be pissed out. So don’t take more than you believe you need to make up for shortfalls in your diet, or you will waste you money. Fat soluble vitamins, in a few cases, can be toxic and you should watch the dose. I take supplements because I work out alot, drink alot of water and thus excrete a lot of water too, and I simply do not know with precision if my (excellent) diet is supplying everything I need. Plus it is a habit. My mom, bless her soul, made me take my vitamins every day. And she doubled up before my games in high school!

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I see a huge difference in taking vitamins. My pee turns florescent green. Other than that… meh.

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Okay, here is the minority opinion.
Vitamins are better for you than some “natural” foods.

For example, it’s better to take Vitamin C than drink Orange Juice, which is loaded with sugar.

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Most of our commercially grown fruits and vegetables no longer provide the vitamins that garden produce used to supply. Most of us are vitamin deprived without proper supplementation. The dire warnings you read were grossly overstated and referred to fat soluble vitamins and only with long term overdosing. Give your body what it needs or suffer the effects of the deficiencies.

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I supplement my diet by careful study of what I am lacking. I don’t believe in multi-vitamins.

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I tried to take a multi-vitamin and I got heart palpitations. I had to stop taking it.

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Of course they are healthy. It’s best to get what you need from your diet. Taking a vitamin a day helps with that which you don’t get from diet. They aren’t unhealthy unless you take too much in supplement form or eat too much of one thing like carrots. That’ll give you orange skin. Daily vitamins usually have around the minimum that you need of each vitamin.

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I remember reading somewhere that vitamin D is really the only vitamin worth taking

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I remember reading somewhere that vitamin D is so unique and powerful that consideration is being given to reclassifying it from a vitamin to a nutrient.

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Since when has everything everyone has read held such clout? I can’t beloved I’m even reading that people actually think vitamins are a waste. I once read that sugar was good for you as is salt and an all meat diet.
Fun fact. Vitamin and minerals held at a steady level in your body can fight cancer. Without chemo.

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Forgive my spelling errors please. I’m typing on a Motorola cliq xt.

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apparently vitamin B17 helps with breast cancer patients

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The only useful vitamins you will get are from the whole foods you eat. Over-the-counter vitamins and supplements will never be as effective. This is why it is important to eat a large variety of foods. You can get plenty of vitamin D from a little time in the sun. Your body needs vitamin D to effectively absorb calcium.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Yes I was on that vitamin kick at one time myself. I know what you mean about the fluorescent urine.

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that stuff you get at places like GNC is pretty much snake oil. just eat and drink the right stuff the majority of the time and you’ll be good to go.

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@woodcutter your source please?
Apparently I need to stop dumping $30 a month in to vitamins.

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@judochop Well for staters all those vitamins/ supliments have never been endorsed by any doc I have visited. Their attitude is “whatever floats your boat” There is a danger of using some of them wrongly and making yourself really sick. If a person has a specific medical condition where usage of some of that stuff wont hurt if there is no improvement then its up to that person to blow their money.
My wife was a store mgr at a GNC and even she says its all hoowee but hey, it was a good paying job. The only change I noticed back when I took multi’s is it made my pee florescent yellow. The only upside to that is if you are at a party and you want to show off?

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People die without vitamin C. The disease is called scurvy. Centuries ago it was a big issue for sailors. But we don’t need pills. Healthy food does the trick.

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