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Ipod touch or Iphone? Help?

Asked by mary84 (570points) July 20th, 2010


I need to get a new MP3-player (my old Ipod was stolen), and I’m thinking of getting either an Ipod touch or Iphone. The reason I want to stick to Apple is because I like the iTunes concept and is used to the interface.
I don’t talk that much on the phone, but I’d like to surf and check my email often etc. I also need a new camera, so I’m thinking maybe an Iphone?
However I still find Iphone a little bit too expensive (being a student)...

Can someone help? Pros and cons of Ipod touch vs. Iphone? And if Iphone, should I get 3gs or 4gs?

Perhaps I should add I live in Scandinavia so the Iphone might be a little more expensive here than in the US for example

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I like the iPhone because it seems to do everything that you want it to do but choose carefully based on what you can afford. If you are going to have to sign a contract to get the iPhone, I’d get the newer phone but if no contract is involved, it’s up to you. I just like the option of having a phone to call people in the case of an emergency. iPod touch is a much cheaper alternative to paying a monthly fee for a phone.

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iphone if you can afford it… you have service wherever you would have cell service, whereas with an ipod touch, you only pick up wifi. also, i highly recommend buying one with more gb if you listen to a lot of music… i hate not having all my music on me at all times. but i do have an ipod touch and LOVE it but don’t use it for internet, email, etc… it’s not as convenient as the iphone.

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New iPod touches usually come out in early September. If you decide to get one I would hold off for the 45 days. The new ones will probably be a big upgrade to bring it closer to the iPhone4.

Mine just died last week and I am waiting.

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I know what you mean about Apple. I’m kinda hooked myself. I suggest an iPod. I believe you can put Skype (free app) on it for making calls. You’ll save money and still have most of the features of an iPhone. And I agree with @johnpowel. Wait for the new model if you can.

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iphones seem shotty to me. my boyfriend has an iphone and i have verizon. we just went on a 5 week road trip, hem hawing around all of creation west of the mississippi. it was a good test for who had better service….i had service probably 75% of the time. the 25% being in the backcountry and in bumfuck, nevada. he had service maybe 35% of the time. sometimes in the most populated places. it made no sense and he was often frustrated. meanwhile i was prancing around making all the calls i wanted to anytime…jk. if i had more people to call i would have. but the point is i could have! anyhow it seems like an inconvenience. i like apple though and ipod touches are cooool!

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@deni :: That is because AT&T sucks ass. It is a non-issue in Scandinavia since they use different service providers.

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If you want an iPhone, don’t expect to make calls, at least not until they add the iPhone to Verizon next year.

I was just given an iPod Touch and it can do almost everything I need it to do (everything I want it to do), but it has three advantages over the iPhone :
1) It’s paid for! – A 32GB iPhone 4 costs the same as the 32GB iPod Touch to get it out of the store, but the extra costs (like data plans) add up over the course of a two year contract. My iPod Touch was paid off in one installment and that is it!
2) I can still make calls – Unlike the iPhone, my Samsung Trance has reliable service. Also, I don’t have to worry about not being able to make/take calls because I drained my phone battery playing games or watching videos.
3) Reliability – The iPhone 4 has a few problems that have yet to be resolved. The iPod Touch has been around longer so it has most of the bugs worked out already.

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