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What is the Best way to lose weight from a wheel chair?

Asked by SuzieG (102points) July 21st, 2010

I feel like Im letting myself go in this thing. Its part of my life now, but I don’t want it to Make Me.

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I think exercising your arms and legs. Weights for your arms? Meditation as well. How long are you going to be on it?

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@Scarlett Well Im been on this horse going on 11 years now. I used to hike everywhere, till stepped in a rusty nail, and thought it would do any harm. 2 months later found out I had poisoning of some sort, and lost the feeling in my legs. There is hope with “Stem cell” but that jumps into my morals with cloning babies, So ill be here forever probably.. Thanks for the insight, I have weights, just getting the gut of a mut.

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I’m sorry to hear this, it must be frustrating. I’d say diet is another way to lose weight.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Thanks you, yes, Im looking into a few things, especially Diet, I just miss being active with my flippers:)

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It’s not over! I’m sure there are things you can do, maybe you’re just feeling a little down too, and like Simone said, Diet :P Eat healthy, delicious Fruits and Veggies, Be active, go see new places, experience new things, maybe try stretching techniques too ?

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Sometimes I wish i didn’t have legs, but instead become a Mermaid and swim. I know that was a dumb answer lol, sorry.

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if you’re lying down in bed, also do something for your abs, forgot what the exercise is called.

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@Scarlett Not dumb my dear, you actually hit a spot. I used to dream of being a mermaid when I was a little tadpole :)

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My man stays fit in a couple of ways. He uses a push chair and for the most part goes up ramps etc. under his own steam, he also does lots of upper body training. He is also very careful with his diet. A couple of things he does: limit his sugar and fat intake, eats no red meat at all and very few animal products in general (chicken, dairy, etc.). He eats several small meals a day instead of gorging himself once or twice. He is also careful not to pound down a big meal before he goes to bed, drinks lots of water, and takes vitamins.

This is a great community with a lot of great members and is potential a spot to get some good info on this topic!

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@Scarlett 1, 2, 3, 4, ...... hurts already:) 5,... 6,.7, oh my this is going to take some work. You have a beautiful mind Ms/Mrs Scarlett or Mr if I assumed wrong

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lol hehe…. I am out of shape, and would like to become fit too :) Thank you Suzie, that means a lot <3. and I’m a Ms :-) hope those few answers can help

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Remove one of the wheels.Only kidding sorry. Whichever way you choose I wish you well, good luck ;¬}

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I would talk to your doc about physical therapy. Even a visit or two will enable you to work with a professional who can help you find exercises you can do from your chair. Not sure about your particular disability, but swimming can sometimes be very beneficial. I would let a PT help me figure out the best things for me to do, try it with professional supervision and then go to town.

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@Kayak8 just beat me to my answer. You are probably eligible for insurance coverage on physical therapy. Talk is over with your doctor.

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put on your favorite tunes and shake it…....:):)

much love, my friend!!!

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The Food Tree diet is very good. The lady doctor who wrote it has interesting theories. She feels that exercise is not really necessary to lose weight (it helps but not integral), it is diet primarily. My husband hates to exercise but lost weight and is keeping it off through the diet. Here is her website.

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