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Do you fully appreciate your talents, however small?

Asked by ucme (45473points) July 21st, 2010

Whatever they may be. I mean something which comes naturally to an individual they find it relatively easy to do, they may lose sight of how good their particular talents actually are. Wheras to someone else it’s really impressive.Does it give them as much satisfaction or sense of achievement if there talent is somehow left unappreciated/took for granted by themselves?

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I don’t take my talents for granted,dagnabit! ;I

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I’m still a work in progress, but I think I’m amazing…....

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The one obvious talent I possess is an ability to draw, it just comes naturally to me, although I do need occasional practice just to keep my hand loose and free. Unfortunately it has proven completely useless to me, and in the past it has proven nothing but a burden, as friends and colleagues were forever asking me to do work for them. On a number of occasions for example, I have been asked to contribute to safety campaigns at work by designing posters.
I don’t draw at all any more, I have no craving to practise, and I’m not sure I ever did actually enjoy drawing. I could never have made money out of my ability, there are millions of people out there with more talent, more commitment and more motivation than me, and only the best artists succeed financially. The only positive that I can garner from my talent is that I think it hightens my appreciation of other artist’s works.

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I am very talented and always perform without a net! ;)

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I need to acknowledge all my talents, be proud of them and use them more often.

That’s been hard for me to do, especially as I was taught that to show my talents is “threatening” to other people and constitutes “being a show-off”. It took me a long time to realize that that actually doesn’t make any sense and if some talent of mine does “threaten” another’s self-esteem, whatever that means, it’s the other person’s issue, not mine.

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I do. That is all that frigg’in matters. The rest of you can kiss my butt. ;-)

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Such as they are, yes.

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I miss playing volleyball, dancing, and doing art stuff.

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I appreciate them but I don’t always want to share them.

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