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Fluther help me pick a doughnut!

Asked by TheRocketPig (612points) July 21st, 2010

Ok, so I’m partially showing the functionality of Fluther to my class… AND… pick out a doughnut for one of my students.

So here’s the scenario… You’re about to walk into a Dunkin’ Donuts… what do you pick?

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A peanut covered cake doughnut. Or glazed… I really love both of them.

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lemon creme

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Change your mind and immediately walk by. Then stop at the juice bar next door or the farmer’s market across the street.

Remember that you are teaching more than your subject matter to the students. Be a shining example and buy an apple.

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I’d like a plain old-fashioned cake doughnut with no weird stuff on it or in it.

[Edit] On second thought, and since I’m in here anyway now and didn’t have the fortitude to walk on past with @gailcalled, I’ll have two.

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Eclair! Live alittle! ;)

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I usually ignore the donuts, and get a cinnamon roll.

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You should agree with your classmate and get a Boston Creme. ^.~

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Maple bar!

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Chocolate bar, or chocolate sprinkled, or powder.

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I’d go for the vanilla cream filled.

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Boston Creme, there is no other choice. Since I walked there..make it two.

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Sour cream stick

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We don’t have Dunkin Donuts here. We have Tim Horton’s. And, I’d pick a cherry cruller.

Pic above is similar to the ones at Timmie’s.

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So, who’s hungry?

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Vanilla creme filled !! Oh I miss those!!

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@jeruba I am a cake donut person all the way most of the time.

@janbb I love those—and old-fashioned donuts.

@Aster Right. I miss them too—at 320 calories a donut I don’t eat them.

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Baked yeast raised cinnamon roll (unglazed)

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Jelly donut!

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Buttercrunch, I believe it’s called. A cake donut with kinda crunchy stuff that tastes buttery/coconutty. YUM!

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Assuming I walk into a Tim Horton’s, I pick the Honey Cruller. It’s so gooey and delicious. Yum!

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Chocolate frosted donut.

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A cake donut has more flavor with no excess sweetness (and calories)

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How about a raspberry filled. Those are my favorite.

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Boston Creme. Or glazed.

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I never ever go to Dunkin’ Donuts, but I always pick the plain cake doughnut. My favorite. If they don’t have plain cake donuts, I’ll opt for glazed.

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I’m late to the party and class is over but I’ll take the last left over gooey chocolate donut in the box. I’ll also clean up the mess.

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@jjmah I miss Timmie’s

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@tedibear Good eats there.

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