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Does anyone know the name of the restaurant featured on the Seinfeld?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) July 21st, 2010

I never seem to catch the name.

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Tom’s Restaurant! ^.^

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I’ll take the big salad!

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They just have a stock shot of the outside. Enter, and be disappointed.

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The inside is just an LA set, right?

However, the cafe from Amelie is in Montmartre inside and outside.

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In the “Bizarro Jerry” (episode #137), Bizarro Tom’s is known as Reggie’s Diner.

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I lived near Tom’s when Seinfeld ended its NBC run. There were satellite trucks of channels from all over the world and reporters on every street corner from 103rd to 116th and Broadway, stopping various people and asking them how they felt about the show ending. Nobody seemed to care one way or the other. The real Kramer was in everyone’s face promoting his tour. That was a weird day. Almost carnival-like.

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The name on the show is Monks. The name in real life is Tom’s. They just cut out the part of the shot that says “Tom’s” when you see it on Seinfeld.

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On the show, it’s Monk’s Cafe but the exterior is a shot of Tom’s Restaurant, although the interior is a set.

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That’s what I wanted the name of the restaurant used on the show thanks.

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