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How can you see someones house from helicopter view?

Asked by tylerandcason (94points) July 22nd, 2010

My friend lives on the opposite side of the USA then i do and so she was finally coming for a visit. We were talking on the phone and chatting with each other and you know, getting our plans straight. But then she told me she loved my house. She had never been there before, nor had I ever sent her any pictures of it. So i asked her how she new and she told me that on map quest . com there was a way you could see someone’s house from helicopter view. She never told me how but I really wanted to do it. It was such a long time ago maybe 2 years or so. So i was hoping that you guys could help me. How on earth can I see someone’s house from helicopter view on map quest. If you have a link to the page where I just type in the address that would be awesome too!

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I think you are talking about the satellite view. Just go to Google maps, put in your address, and click on satellite view. You can also find it on the same way.

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In addition, Google Maps has a function called “Street View” which allows you to see locations from eye-level, as if you were driving down the street.

Afos22's avatar – just type in the address and zoom in with the + symbol. In most locations there is a view from the street. Just drag the little yellow dude onto the map.

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Google Earth right?

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Google Earth Rocks. I can always say… ‘Hey! I can see my house from here!’ I can also see several of the other houses I’ve lived in over my lifetime. Very cool.

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google earth is awesome. it makes my head spin.

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