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What companies have you found to have awful customer service? What companies have you been pleasantly surprised to find they have great customer service?

Asked by jca (36043points) July 22nd, 2010

In your experience, what companies (stores, corporations, services) have you found to have awful, incompetent customer service?

what stores, corporations, services have you been pleased to find have great customer service that strives to correct a wrong and make the customer happy?

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Worst: Lucille Roberts gyms.


In Canada where I live, Telus, a phone and mobile phone company, has a reputation for terrible service. There is also a health and fitness company called “World Health” that treats its patrons like dirt, charging them unexpected fees, and debiting people’s accounts without warrant. Disneyland in the States has great customer service——for the most part, the employees there are helpful and friendly. And most Safeway stores where I live give good service, whereas Superstore, a Canadian chain supermarket, has horrible customer service.

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Wells Fargo has terrible customer service, in my opinion. Whenever I call with a concern, I get told different, contradictory information by different people. I tell myself I’m going to switch banks over and over, but haven’t done it yet. I’m an enabler.

I like the customer service at The Gap and Victoria’s Secret. Great in-store experiences, excellent return policies.

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Comcast has a lot of customer service issues. My son got fired by them because he spent too much time actually helping customers, and his quantity score went too low.

Kaiser Permanente has always given us wonderful service.

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True Green (lawn treatment) is awful. All they do is try to convince you you need all sorts of services you don’t need and they don’t take care of the service you have requested.

Dick Blick Art Supplies has always been terrific regardless of which store I have tried.

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tmobile(phones and service are the worst, customer serivce is rude and unhelpful),verizon(customer service sucks and they keep you waiting literally hours upon hrs on the phone for them… i have never dealt w their cell phones, but speaking for their internet/cable/house phone fios deal… it’s terrible whenever you need help and takes them forever to figure out the problem anyhow), service rude & sarcastic.. this is a free dating site ran by lesbians.. their site is all messed up too and out of order, hard to navigate and makes no sense and from what I can tell no one really uses it), michael’s arts and crafts in warrington, pa (customer service terrible.. managers are good for nothing, I know this because I used to work there and at times wachoiva bank customer service can suck pretty bad too.

and as far as good customer service.. in this day and age.. yaknow, I really can’t say because even if it appears good it is usually hardly ever genuine.. people are fake and do what they have to do to get by.. and it is more then apparent most of the time. I’d almost rather someone be rude then fake bc atleast that’s honesty.

The girl at the wawa the other day was pretty nice and seemed true to it, other then that there was another girl the other day at this restaurant, however I can’t remember for the life of me where I was at.

There’s probably a ton of other bad customer service places I know of that I just can’t think of right now tho. HA

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Bad: Tmobile, Comcast, ClearWire/Clear, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, 24-Hour Fitness, KeyBank

Good: LL Bean, REI, Zappos

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@Kayak8 I agree with True Green. They told us one of our trees needed a treatment. We told them we’d think about it. They sprayed it anyway, without our consent, then sent us a bill for $40. The tree died within three months. I swear they killed the thing.

I know I’ll have fruit thrown at me for saying this, but I always receive excellent customer service at the Walmart I shop at. The employees there are very helpful and friendly.

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@jonsblond My experience with Wal Mart is the same, helpful and friendly

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Worst: Comcast, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Target, Michael’s

Best: Sam’s Club, Yankee Candle, Service at the Cheesecake Factory (I have always had excellent experiences at that particular restaurant)

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The worst I’ve ever dealt with is Kansas Gas Service. They are incompetent and generally very rude. Also Cox Communications our cable company Sometimes I have to call and have them send a signal to my DVR box to make it work right and it’s just a beating to have to call them.

The best I’ve had is Sprint. I don’t mind calling them at all. Always helpful and friendly.

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I find Comcast to be awful – every time i have a problem they can’t get it right they give me different answers each time i call, it’s always a headache.

Walmart has good customer service – never ordered online, but in store, very good.

Amazon good customer service.

Ditto for Costco.

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Worst service :

Olde Depot Hobbies in Reading Mass. Can’t believe they stay in business.
Best service: let me get back with you

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I’ve heard horror stories about cable companies like Time Warner, but when I had FIOS installed the person on the phone was polite and competent, the Verizon installer arrived (gasp!) when I was told he would, and it all went off without a hitch, thus I was pleasantly surprised.

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The communications companies, ATT, SWB are the WORST when it comes to customer service. Also, Direct TV sucked really super bad.

When I owned the shop I had to deal with the IRS in a lot of ways the average person doesn’t. I was pleasantly surprised that they were actually very friendly and helpful, and understanding.

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