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Will a temporary "print-out" WA drivers license work in OR and CA?

Asked by guitarhero1983 (135points) July 22nd, 2010

I lost my license and applied for a renewal online in WA, and printed out a temporary license with no photo ID but which states it will work as a temporary license until my real one arrives. However, my license never arrived. I am going on a road trip tomorrow and want to make sure that this will work in Oregon and California if I get pulled over. Anyone familiar with the DoL regs in these states? Am I screwed? I do have a passport for photo ID. Thanks.

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If the temporary license is valid in the issuing state, it should be honoured in other states.

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@guitarhero1983 This is a very interesting question, and I am interested in knowing since my daughter moved to Washington. I will ask her to see if she may know and get back to you. ✮☪✯Good Night,Sweet Dream Everyone, Hasta Mañana!!✮ ☪✯

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If you are planning on stopping at my bar on your way through Portland I do not except printed style ID’s at the door or bar passed 7pm. Passports are fine.
Other than that, I know they work in Oregon.
Carry your passport.

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keep in mind this isn’t a temporary license with a photo that resembles a drivers license, but a 8” x 11.5” sheet indicating it will operate as a license.

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It’ll work just fine as long as you present it with your expired license. Your expired license proves your identity, and your temporary (printed) license gives you the right to operate a vehicle. It’ll work (for cops) in all 50 states. As far as getting carded in the bar… you are on your own there…

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@gtreyger As I said, I lost my license; it didn’t expire. So will a passport work instead?

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Seems like it would be fine if it is still valid in Washington.

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@guitarhero1983 Whoops, that’s what happens when I don’t pay attention to the question. Yes, any VALID form of state or federal GOVERNMENT issued photo ID can be used in place of your lost driver’s license in conjunction with your printed out temporary license anywhere in the US. But beware of Arizona, they tend to make up laws on the fly.

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@gtreyger Does it have to be a U.S.-government issued photo ID? I am a dual citizen, but consequently my U.S. passport has expired.

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You’ll be fine with either an expired US passport or with a foreign passport.

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@guitarhero1983 – She said that at the DMV she was told that at her experation date that she needed to change her card showing her all her address, but that she could use her old card for up to three months to extablish her new adddress. And they gave her a reciept confirming her visit and all that, that visit entailed; so she could use it if sje needed to within those three months.

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