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A question for Vietnamese speakers.

Asked by erikaziger (345points) July 22nd, 2010

My friend is Vietnamese and she mentioned this book that she really likes. She says that it is pretty famous in Vietnam. I would like to get it for her as a gift. It is called
Trung Chat Trung Nhi. I don’t know how to make the accents and Vietnamese characters on my computer, so i can’t google it. It might be a children’s fable or just a famous story. Does anyone know this??

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I individually searched each word on a translator and Trung means China and Nhi is Children. I can’t find a translation for ‘Chat’. Is that the word with the accents? China something China Children?

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I lived in Vietnam for fifteen years. I can research it there if you like? Contact me directly if you want me to follow up.

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