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Oregon Trail Game Question?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12571points) July 22nd, 2010

I have a question about the Oregon Trail game. I don’t know if it is for the new or old version but I would assume newer version. My nephew said that he was playing Oregon Trail and that in it he was supposed to kill an Indian guard to progress. He didn’t and got in trouble because he put up a fuss about it. For which his family is very proud of him. In fact it started a whole issue on the Oregon Trail and now they are re-writing the curriculum at his school to be more reflective of Native history. Anyhow I know the last part is true about how he put up a fuss in regards to the Oregon Trail (in general not sure about game) and they are re-writing the curriculum. But I don’t know about killing the guard during the game. I tried to google it and couldn’t find anything either way. Can anyone help me out??

Side note: I know I haven’t been around much but I hope you are all doing well!! Just loving life as a new mom :)

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wow that sounds soooo much different from the oregon trail i remember…the most we had to deal with is like which job we should choose ( i chose banker for money and ALWAYS beat the game) but this seems so much different than just being bitten by a snake or losing a wagon wheel…what happened in oregon trail?

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There are 5 or 6 editions of Oregon Trail, so it wouldn’t surprise me if something like this comes up in one of them.

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I’ve played several of the versions and I seriously doubt that would happen. The only indians I remember coming across either want to trade, or you can hire them to help you cross a river. The only time you kill anything is in hunting mode.

Are you sure the game was oregon trail?

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@phaedryx Ya, he was very insistent about it. I am asking here because there was a huge Oregon Trail fiasco at his school so thought perhaps he uh.. stretched the truth a bit when talking about the game since he was already fed up about the oregon trail business. Thanks for your input. I’m going to try googling some more but I don’t ever remember something like that happening either.

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So perhaps this is what he meant. I found this when looking into the game. Quoted from a website: Speaking of Indians, if you talk to people in the game, at forts and whatnot, there is one Indian man who actually speaks of killing people. “The Pawnee are mortal enemies of the Sioux. I would not hesitate to kill any Pawnee I met. But I have never killed a white man.”

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