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IPhone 4 first charge time, how long?

Asked by rawrgrr (1559points) July 22nd, 2010

Alright so I’ve had bad experiences with rechargeable batteries in the past so I want to make sure I don’t mess this one up too. What do I do as soon as I get the iPhone 4 activated in-store. Should I drain in completely then fully charge? Or charge it first then use it normally? Sorry if this seems a bit silly but I’ve heard those kinds of things before and I just want to use the battery to the fullest. Thanks in advance!

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I drained mine completely prior to using and then charged it for an hour or so until it said full battery. Over-charging batteries isn’t that good either but the iphone battery drains very quickly if you use applications.

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@Luffle Thank you for your reply but just wondering, how do you drain the battery without using it? :p

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@rawrgrr Opps. What I mean is don’t do things like plug in and use until the battery has completely drained. However, I’m not really nice to my phone. I charge it whenever I feel like it and I don’t notice the battery life decreasing significantly. Have more faith in your phone battery than rechargeable batteries.

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just let your batteries drain naturally. I mean just use it as if its your old phone. Once its completely drained charge it till it shows battery full. In between don’t unplug the charger or stop charging. And every time you charge make sure that phone is charged only after the battery is totally charged. This significantly improves battery time.

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@Luffle Okay thanks!

@aniisback Alright thank you. Is this what you did with your iPhone? Is the battery good?

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I charged mine the first time (right out of the box from Apple). It was almost completely charged when I got it, so it took less than an hour (I’d guess about half hour).

Modern day batteries are more advanced than the ones we used in cellphones just ten years ago, so they don’t have that “memory” where if you don’t “charge them right” they will never be completely full, so you don’t even have to worry about this issue. Just google search “battery memory” or “cellphone battery memory” and you can read about it.

Enjoy your iPhone 4.

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@mrrich724 Thank you ! So it would be okay to first drain the battery until it shuts off then fully charge? I’ll be activating instore so they’ll hand it to me on and activated.

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Yes, you can drain it then fully charge, but it’s not necessary. To tell you the truth, you can charge it however you wish the first time . . . and any time after.

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@mrrich724 Okay thank you!

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Apple advises allowing their batteries to be run down fully once a month for deep cycle and longevity.

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