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Will the US's security be threatened in the future by our lagging so far behind in humanoid robot technology?

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That will not be the only issue to do us in…we are lagging on all fronts as our efforts to support higher education and encourage innovation is all but nil anymore. Corporations have drifted their focus away from costly R&D to profits, profits, profits.

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We don’t manufacture much in the US, either. If other countries decided to boycott us for some reason we’d be in a heap of trouble.

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NO. America is #1. Nothing can change that. No matter what happens, we are the best.

We’re so perfect, that there is no reason to concern ourselves with falling math scores, lacking reading skills, fatherless children, or rampant out of control consumerism.

We’re the best because we’re cool. And robots just aren’t cool enough for us to worry about.

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No. Right now they are just expensive toys. With no truly practical use. Except for basic “Roomba” functions.

We are a lifetime away from realistic “humanoid robot technology”.

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I don’t think so, but our security is threatened if we fall behind in developtingv alternatives to oil.

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I don’t think it’s the robots, unless they build them to invade and take over the country. In that case, you’d better find someone named Sarah Conner and protect her.

The US being outclassed in the technology field isn’t new. I’m with @Cruiser . The US had better start doing a better job with education or the slope will simply get slipperier.

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I wouldn’t say we’re necessarily as far behind as people think. We’re even breaking records. Sure, our robots might not be as pretty, but from what I’ve seen, they move faster and have better balance.” Hell, some of them are already getting in some early practice when it comes to aggression. We’re also not restricting ourselves to silly concepts such as “needing two legs”.

Not to say that Aasimo won’t be a formidable, albeit huggable, opponent.

However, I think the real question here is whether or not we’re prepared for when the robots turn on us. Some of the more forward thinking parents are even preparing their children.

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I expect that there will be considerable work done in the military for various types of robot that can be used in warfare. The U.S. leads the world in drone technology.

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The US is a leader too. One focus in Japan is care for the elderly.

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It could be but since America has access to an atomic bomb all we’d have to do is drop it on them and their robots and the issue would be over.

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