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Is Eliza Doolittle actually a good artist?

Asked by Chrissi85 (1070points) July 23rd, 2010

I generally don’t listen to generic top 40/chart/pop/radio. Recently I heard her single ‘Pack Up’ and really liked it, and now I am listening to the album.. I think I may be being pretentious but have I gone insane, or is she actually any good? I am worried I might have the brain worms or something… Any opinions? is she just teeny-pop garbage and I should crawl under the couch, and give up, or is she cheery and fresh and quite lovely (which is what my brain is telling me)

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You shouldn’t choose what you listen to, based on what others will think of you. Be you! If you like that song, then listen to it & enjoy it.

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Yes, I know this. I am just concerned that my judgement of what I consider ‘good music’ has gone all squewiff

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She definitely doesn’t have the typical teen pop sound, at all. Someone else just told me about her today, actually, and I like some of her stuff, too. She has a somewhat bluesy sound in her music, too. Not bad at all. She’s not like… Miley Cyrus, or Lindsay Lohan or anything. At all. Rest assured! You haven’t gone crazy. ;)

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Oh phew =D thanks for that! Yeah I thought there was a certain blusey kinda New Orleans sound to her music. She sounds a little like Lily Allen (who I don’t like) but alot better

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