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10k, 20k, 30k...

Asked by AmWiser (14927points) July 23rd, 2010

Soon there will be jellies who will reach 40K. What will you call them (puffers, cuttlefish, goldens)? What?
Will there be a new mansion? Or maybe a penthouse. How will you, the Fluther community celebrate 40K? Also, who do you see as getting there first?

I’m just curious to know, as my attention span may not allow me to be around long enough to find out.

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I did not know we supported segregation among Jellys.

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@Dr_Lawrence is that better?;-)

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We’ve got awards prebuilt for 40k and 50k already. Please, nobody get to 60k any time soon so we don’t have to go back and make moreā€¦ Also it’s the same mansion but you get your own private pure gold toilet with all those Japanese gadgets.

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@timtrueman: So what about the rumor that we are going green? That would mean Swedish composting toilets and squares of newspaper for TP.

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Well… 30k is already an Island…
So I would assume 40k’ers would just move into a huge cruise ship attached to the Island..

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When I get to 60K, I want a night with Jon Hamm. The entire night. And breakfast the next morning. I don’t care what you have to pay Jennifer Westfeldt to get it, either.

Oh, and I’ll also want world peace. Can’t forget the world peace.

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When I hit 60K, I want a night with @aprilsimnel. She is fantastic.

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Well the biggest jellyfish in the world is the lion’s mane jellyfish. These monsters can reach 8 feet in diameter and have tentacles 120 feet long. THey have a vicious sting, too. Check out these pictures with a skin diver near the animal for size comparison.

But if you assigned that name to our jellies that hit 40K then what do you call a 50K jelly and beyond. I think the less made of points, the better. You can rack up points just by spending time here. Those with more time on their hands can rack up points faster than those witha busy life outside Fluther. At least I have heard rumors that there is life outside of Fluther. I can’t confirm or deny the truth to such tales.

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@rangerr : A cruise ship? Yuck. I’d be happy with a little, custom-made tree house.

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@gailcalled I hope the toilet at least comes with a bidet.:D

@rangerr a cruise ship – now that sounds plush.

@ETpro those pictures are awesome. Respect the jellyfish.

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@gailcalled Well then we can build a tree-house for your 30K. Would you like a library in it too? I suppose Milo can have his own tree-house as well…

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@rangerr: Thanks. Any of these will be fine and should accommodate both of us in our accustomed style.

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@augustlan – Hee-hee! Thanks!

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At 40K we get a beach house on the moon. And at 50K we get to move in with Andrew.

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@gailcalled Those tree houses are beautiful. I could handle one of those, myself.

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I just hope the guys hold the line on lurve limits. It would be a shame to see Fluther dissolve into a point-gathering race as happened on the last Q&A site I was on.

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@AstroChuck: Milo here: Out of the question. Do you really think I want to share digs with Basil the Benighted (Sorry, Basil. I just got my second honorary degree from Brown.)

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It don’t mattah onna wahs.

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60K? Gee, I hope our Fluther admins won’t introduce a luxury tax for top-lurve-earning jellies !

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Anything over 40k and it is a sweet in a mental institution.

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@ChazMaz: Ah Chazzie, Suites to the suite, I say.

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Sweets to the suite…I think.

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I’ll check it out tout de suite.

Maybe suites to the sweet would work.

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Okay, the sweets (40K’s) to the suite.
Or, the suites (rooms) to the sweet.
What will it be?

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It will be SWEET. Because that is crazy talk.

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