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Once a fine has been placed in warrant status do you have to pay the fine in full to have the warrant removed?

Asked by silky1 (1507points) July 24th, 2010

I need to know if I just pay the fine via mail will the warrant be removed.

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@silky1 – I assume that you live somewhere in the USA. As a lawyer I can tell you that you probably cannot get a reliable answer on this site. This is because the answer would be specific to the state you are in. 50 states. 50 different sets of laws for this sort of thing. Also, there may potentially be other consequences even if you do pay the fine. Best to seek the advice of a local lawyer. Sorry.

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I can give a general answer for Tennessee. if your background and financial status warrants, you can pay your fine based on an agreed monthly amount. the warrant is not satisfied, until the fine(warrant) is paid in full.not

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In pennsylvania, if you go talk to the District Justice, or whoever filed the warrant, sometimes they will let you make payments. It depends on if they know you, and sometimes if they’ve never seen you before. But you will have to pay the warrant (and constable) fee on top….just make your fine easier by paying on it. They don’t like to be ignored.

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The warrants are in the state of NJ. If this helps any.

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