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If you found you had immortality and could grant it to 3 other people who would they be?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) July 24th, 2010

If you went to a carnival and a soothsayer told you that an event will soon happen to you that will leave you with the power of immortality and you could extend it to 3 other people, if you try to go beyond that those people will have a horrible end within 7 days of your attempt. How would you choose your 3 people? Would you have a person in mind and ask them if they wanted to live forever? Would you just do what you had to do it bestow it upon them without asking? Place their pictures on a dart board and let the darts fly? Put them in a hat? How would you choose who you’d really want to spend eternity with?

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stan kyle and cartman… then I would wish for kenny to be imorrtal and watch him die… or me myself and I… or my mom, mellisa joan heart, and christina applegate

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jerry garcia, my sister that died of leukemia, jazz musician and me

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Betty White, Stephen Fry and my best friend Chantal. If she wanted it. If not, I’d auction the last one on ebay.

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I would definitely get their permission. I might be kinda pissed myself if immortality was bestowed upon me without permission. Not that I want to die, but I don’t want to live forever, either. I don’t even know if I know of anyone who would want immortality.

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@jazmina88 If they are already dead would that be kind of hard to give them eternal life they no longer have?

@KhiaKarma Rumor has if you lose your head you can break the spell, curse, blessing of immortality, if you did not want to live forever.

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OMG I would never want to chop off my head! Couldn’t I just take some sort of magical elixir?

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I’d ask my best friend and his love and I’d ask my partner. I’d only grant it with permission even though I’d be heartbroken to not have them in my life forever if they refused.

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Some people would consider it a curse to be immortal. So who you would chose would be influenced by that.

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can it be an animal? if so definitely my cat Lucifer, others would be Kurt Cobain and probably my grandmother who passed away when I was a baby… for sure. I don’t know though as much as we don’t get along a lot i might have to switchout kurt cobain with my mom and maybe even my cat with my dad IF i had to.

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I would grant it to people whom I don’t like very much.

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@ZEPHYRA would that be their punishment? I don’t get it

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I wouldn’t want to be immortal. The people I miss most are already gone.

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I shudder at the thought of immortality.

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I would grant my hubby, and my kid, and my dog.

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@Frenchfry What about your next kid? I think I would hold off on the dog.

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@Russell_D_SpacePoet I am only having one kid. LOL.. I think the dog is part of the fam..

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My boyfriend, my dad and my grandmother (paternal). I would ask them all first though. If they declined then I certainly wouldn’t want to be immortal either.

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@Frenchfry You shouldn’t tempt fate.. :)

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I would not consider immortality to be a gift. I would consider it to be a curse. This has nothing to do with depression or any such, rather knowing that I would be bored to death (so to speak) relatively quickly, not like having to hide my condition, watching loved ones die, etc.

As such I would only give it to my worst enemies.

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Mom, Dad, and my first girlfriend. I haven’t spoken to her in years but I can’t imagine the universe without her.

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