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What is the reason when one erased his/her fluther account?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) July 25th, 2010


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There are as many reasons as members who do it.

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One does not want to be a member any more.

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Last summer I deleted mine so I would get out of the house more. They were nice enough to turn it back on when I was ready to come back.

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I did it once because I was pissed if that helps.

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I did it because I was angry about being misunderstood. I felt that the moderators were either stupid or deliberately obtuse. I thought it would be too difficult to work with them and that out would just be too annoying to be always censoring myself.

I came back because, even with those annoyances, it still has better questions and a better atmosphere than anywhere else I can find.I take it for what it is, even if it is going backwards. Unfortunately, I am only about half of myself due to the feast they will ban me if I step over whatever incomprehensible line they have drawn.

I may also do what dpworkin is doing and voluntarily remove myself because the tension of unreasonable censorship is too much. Hell, even saying this much could be enough to get me banned. They have not taken well to my criticism in the past.

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I deleted mine because I wanted to get work done, simple as that.

I found myself spending too much time here, and like @johnpowell just didn’t want to distract myself anymore.
And when I did want to come back I just emailed one of the mods and they reactivated it again. No questions asked.

The great part about deleting it was that it actually did work. I got more work done and managed to get myself off the computer. Truthfully, I’m not really sure why I came back. I think I just got bored.

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I did for three days because I was trying to spend less time here, and I thought it would make it easier for me. It didn’t. Now I resort to good ol will power to stay away.

I do know of some that have deleted their account because they have just grown tired of this place. There are some people that like to be here to help and have fun, not bicker and argue. The bickering and arguing can get very tiresome.

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@wundayatta said, “I felt that the moderators were either stupid or deliberately obtuse.” You said it; I didn’t…

Despite the flagrant censorship here, Fluther is still better than most other Q&A sites today.

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I’ve done it a few times to keep ahead of nosy co workers.

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I guess we’d have to ask the people who have done so, since there’s most likely more than one reason. Some people just don’t want to be here anymore, and decide to erase it. Maybe others do it to play guilt trips on others. Some might just really want a different user name, and I think one member here did it because they didn’t want to be preoccupied with the accumulation of Lurve or something, so they came back starting fresh again.

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Sadly, lots of former ABusers seem to have given up on Fluther :-(

While most Jellies seem to like the strict moderation here, most of us who whet our teeth on another Q&A site where the mods respected freedom of speech seem to have trouble here…

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@HungryGuy Despite the flagrant censorship here, – I believe you have this backwards – it is because of the moderation here that Fluther is a better place.

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@HungryGuy Lol; ABusers XD

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The other thing to keep in mind is that some members have left for less-than-voluntary reasons. You aren’t able to tell which ones, as all disabled accounts have the same appearance.

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@YARNLADY – No. I don’t have it backwards. Most people who “get it” know what I mean. But everyone else would just take it the wrong way and flame me yet again if I tried to explain to those of you who don’t “get it.”

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The only issue I would take, being a relatively new member, is overlooking seriously assaultive and verbally abusive behavior.

I’m good with staying within the guidelines for the most part.

Most of my moderations ( aside from a handful of diffecult moments with a certain member ) have usually surrounded going off topic or interjecting humor where it is deemed not helpful.

I think the proof is in the pudding and those that fancy themselves as elite and all powerful won’t stay gone for long. Aaah…the games people play! lol

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@Coloma I think it is clear that there are no elites here, except for the people who created the place. All others can be banned at any moment. Even you. Unless you are one of those who are protected.

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I didn’t mean ‘elite’ as in favored, I meant those that think themselves elite.

Above it all and able to spew their venomous poison at random with no consequence.

I have no respect for those types nor those that look away from abusive personalities.

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@Coloma I see. I must be a bit blind, because I don’t see these abusive personalities. I’ve seen only a few ad hominem attacks. Usually the mods have gotten them before I even see them. But I guess I just hang out in the wrong places.

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Well..I have been blown away by a couple of encounters with one very angry type. Ugh!

Yeah, I am staying on the sunny side of the fence these days, following the tried and true crowd. lol

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I don’t know. But I would guess that they did not hear what they wanted to hear.

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because I wanted to ask a private personal question… and then move on to another account…

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@HungryGuy I once subscribed to your theory, but I found that I was wrong. I posted what I thought was a deliberately inflammatory question, assuming that I would be banned for doing so. Didn’t happen; the Q is still up and I’m still here. Reason? It was grammatically correct and didn’t attack any specific person.

Fluther has a certain culture of decorum and is quite flexible within their own standards. I’m a former ABuser and, in that anarchy, was swashbucklingly abusive in debates and counterattacking trolls. I gave that up when I came here. If I have an overwhelming urge to lob verbal grenades, I go to Sodahead or YA and poke sharp sticks through the cage bars. Likewise, I save the nitty gritty details of sexuality for FetLife. Here, I mind my spelling and grammar and actually think before venturing an opinion. I occasionally try a bit of humor, which usually quietly misfires.

I respect Fluther for what it is, a comfy little oasis where we can show erudition without derision; where I can safely be a liberal intellectual (reserving my Second Amendment rights) without being piled on by Teabaggers. A safe e-base from which to venture forth on commando raids into barbarian territory. Hmm…I’m thinking of doing another strandhogg on Sodahead soon. My only concession to modernity being twin .50s mounted amidships. Steal the plate and a few kegs of ale, burn the cathedral, subject a few pinhead evangelists to the Blood Eagle, grab a few wenches and back to the dragon boat for some offshore debauchery. ;^P

My apologies for veering off-topic.

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Assertiveness to ones own need to be a unique individual with no past.

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It is true that if you do not mention any individuals or groups in an abusive way, you should be fine.

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So far, I haven’t seen one single logical reason for deleting an account. If someone is tired of a website, why waste time of their engineers? Just stop going to the website.

I think people that delete accounts, both here and elsewhere, do it for dramatic or emotional reasons. And especially if they make an announcement of their departure with one “final” post or video.

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I gave one. It was damn logical. ;-)

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I disagree. It is impossible to make a blanket statement as to the ‘whys.’

If I choose to leave Fluther I would delete my account as I have no reason to leave my profile info. adrift in a space I no longer inhabit.

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