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Ways to pop your ear?

Asked by fortris (680points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone

Like after a plane ride. Already tried chewing gum, eating and blowing air through your nose while holding it closed.

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… aside from those, try just flexing your jaw near the hinge. it can loosen up pressure.

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what’s wrong with the cat in the picture? It looks like he was sticking his tongue out at you when you took the picture or something! LOL

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he is sticking his tounge out.

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that is pretty weird, isn’t it?

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Yawning always works for me…but sometimes when you’re on a plane or if you’ve gone scuba diving it takes time and nothing you do will help. Sorry this answer isn’t more useful! :-(

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Its just one ear (which makes it TWICE as annoying) and I tried everything! Any non-conventional methods?

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are you sure it needs popping, and not that something’s in there? I somehow got water stuck in my ear and it was days before it all evap’d out (even after trying swimmer’s ear-type products).

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Were I you, I’d first make an appointment with an E. N. T. (Ears Nose Throat) Doctor. Since you asked, there is a product that has been used for centuries. It is called “Ear Candles.” You can purchase it at GNC Stores. I can tell you that they do work and quite well. It drains the ear wax out of your ears. Good luck!

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Yawning usually does the trick for me and if that fails, I pinch my nostrils, close my mouth, and blow.

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yawning hurts sooo bad after I took a flight from japan…

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Hi! I’m an Audiologist.

If yawning, swallowing and the ValSalva maneuver (blowing while holding your mouth and nose closed) haven’t relieved the pressure, it would be best to consult a physician. The only way to know for sure what is causing the discomfort is to have the ears examined by qualified professionals… do NOT put anything in your ears.

Since you don’t mention other symptoms, such as acute pain, discharge from the ear, significant hearing loss, dizziness, fever or headaches, it most likely is simply a Eustachian tube dysfunction that will be cleared with nasal spray or other medication. But it could be a build-up of cerumen (ear wax) or it could be something with the inner ear or auditory nerve… there are many possibilities. Again, you can not know for certain without a proper examination.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me. :)

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Its not pressure, I have COMPLETELY determined that. I think its because I was sick and flew. Its been going on for 2 days now. And it SWICHED from my right ear to my left. It makes my hearing my own voice distorted, and I can’t hear other people as good.

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The symptoms you describe still sound primarily like Eustachian tube dysfunction, but could also be caused by fluid in the middle ear cavity, occluding cerumen (ear wax), or a more serious inner ear or auditory nerve disorder. I restate my position that the only way to get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment is to be evaluated by a professional.

Request a tympanogram (or better yet, a complete audiological evaluation). The tympanogram indicates whether the eardrum is moving normally, or if there is abnormal pressure or fluid or other dysfunction. It takes less than a minute per ear and many family Doctors have the equipment, it is just under-utilized. The complete audiological evaluation will indicate just how extensive the hearing is effected and whether it truly is a blockage of sound (conductive hearing loss), or if the problem is within the inner ear or auditory nerve (sensorineural hearing loss), or a combination (mixed hearing loss).

If you have any other symptoms, such as dizziness/vertigo, tinnitus (ringing, humming, hissing or other noises in your ear or head), fever or headaches, make sure you mention that to the Doctor, too. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

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Okay, I’m definitely having the same problem. Apart from the plane ride thing. I had like two ear infections last week. I put medicine in them, and went to sleep. I’ve heard you were supposed to clean the medicine out the next morning…I didn’t really do that, and I’m not sure if you are supposed to. I haven’t contacted my doctor yet. For about four days though, my right ear has been like completely plugged up. I got my left one to pop by the old holding your nose and blowing trick. But I have tried absolutely everything for my right ear and none of the pressure will even ease up. Just wondering if anyone knows any other tricks?

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@caitieeatchu: How do you know that your ear were actually infected? What type of infection was it, and what part of the ear was infected? What kind of “medicine” did you put “in” your ears? From whom did you “hear” that you should “clean the medicine out the next morning”? How do you know that it’s the proper medicine or dosage to treat your condition?

My point here is that without an examination by a medical professional, you can not know what is causing your symptoms, whether it is actually an infection or something else, or which treatment is most appropriate.

Please see your doctor.

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Thanks, point taken. I actually just got my ear to pop. However, whether it will stay like this tomorrow morning or not is still a mystery. If it doesn’t, I plan to see my doctor.

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@caitieeatchu: If they popped, and you hear normally, then there’s no middle ear fluid or infection, just Eustachian tube dysfunction. It is allergy season, so that might be contributing to it—do you have allergies or have you had other allergy-type symptoms (itchy eyes and ears, nasal/sinus congestion, post-nasal drip/cough, wheezing/asthma symptoms)? If so, you may want to try allergy medications, but if you have any other medical conditions or take any other medications, be sure to check with a Doctor or at least the Pharmacist before trying anything (even over-the-counter) to be sure it’s safe.

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Yeah, I’m going to start on some allergy medication. Thanks for the help.

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This will drive you crazy! Go to an ear/nose/throat doctor or a pedicatrician—anyone who has a device called an “ear popper.” Very simple remedy—they have you plug one nostril, then they use the popper to blow air up the other while you swallow. The tube will pop right open! Sometime it has to be repeated because the tubes tend to collapse right away, but with enough tries, you’ll be hearing again in no time.

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I’ve just got that and my ear is absolutly killing me its really painful and I have tried everything the holding the nose and blowing trick just hurts. I don’t want to see anyone because I know my ear is just being stubborn but it still very annoying nothing is working!!!!!

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@Niamh1995: Your ear does not make decisions on how to function. It appears as though you may be the one being stubborn. The sooner you ascertain the cause of the problem via professional evaluation, the sooner you can begin appropriate treatment and start to feel better – so why put it off?

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Try laying on your side, putting hydrogen poroxide in the ear that is affected, keep it in there till you hear it stop sizziling and drain it on a towel. should help =) always works for me when im sick

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@fortris Here is a link to a website that talks about 8 different methods to pop your ears. Try the Frenzel Maneuver or another pressurization method, as these are more reliable. If nothing works, ask a doctor. I use BTV, but this method is very hard to learn.

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when i lie down on my side with arms under head it feels like i have to pop my ears only on the side i am laying on and i used to just stretch my ears but now that doesnt work!

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I just went on a plane while very sick and on the way down my ears started to have a peicing pain. They still haven’t popped yet and its the next morning. I have chewed gum, I have eaten I have tried nearly everything. It effects my hearing and switches ears when I roll over and/or stand up. Also the peircing starts again when I stand up or change “elevations” such as standing, sitting, or lying down. I also hear ringing at some points. Should I try to wait it out or go to a doctor?

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@dasto192 – It’s been a few days, and I hope you are feeling better. If you were already sick, I hope you have been treating the other symptoms, which should help relieve the pressure in your ears, as well. If you have significant hearing loss, dizziness, fever, or discharge from the ear(s) see a doctor.

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I’m about to get on a plane and my ear is killing me! I know that flight attendants have a trick to open your ear using a cup. what is it?/

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I went to the mountains five months ago and my left ear did not pop back, since then I have pressure in my ear and feel dizzy and have echoing in my ear. I saw ent 3 times he just gave me allergy meds and nasal spray nothing helps.

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