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Why do plastic cups and bowls air dry far slower than glass dishes?

Asked by knitfroggy (8962points) July 25th, 2010

I washed a bunch of plastic cups and put them in the dish drainer. I went back to put them in the cabinet and they are still wet. I’ve noticed when I wash regular ceramic? plates they are dry within a minute or two, but the plastic plates and bowls the kids eat from stay wet for hours, if I just let them sit in the drainer. Why is this? It seems weird to me.

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I doubt they do. However most plastic containers and cups have some sort of rolled edge on their tops, and that forms a channel which can hold a significant amount of water which pours out when you pick the apparently dry item up. Sometimes positioning the cup or bowl perfectly can allow the rolled lip to gravity drain while the cup or bowl does, and this will speed complete drying.

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I’ve noticed that too @knitfroggy…..You can rinse a ceramic or glass bowl in hot water, put it upside down in the drainer and it’ll be dry in a few minutes. However, a plastic bowl won’t be…I don’t know why. Maybe the molecules in plastic are further apart so water seeps in to the plastic a bit..?

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Could it be that glass is less porous than plastic?

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@john65pennington Damnit! You said the same thing as I, but more better!

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@Dutchess_III @john65pennington I knew there had to be some manner of scientific answer, but I don’t know anything about science. I got a D in 10th grade biology and that’s the last science I ever took!

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