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What is a reasonable way to get from Newark Airport to Clinton Hill, Brooklyn?

Asked by vekteur (107points) July 25th, 2010

What’s a good route via public bus and subway or are there any good shuttle busses or trains from Newark to Brooklyn? Taxi costs too much.

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You’ll have to double check this, but I believe you can get a bus or something from Newark Airport to Penn Station. From there it’s probably a subway or bus to Brooklyn.

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Shuttle to Penn Station then you can take the N/R or maybe F train? Possibly the 2 or 3, or maybe the B/D line. Someone that’s lived there recently would have a better idea.

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Take the NJ Transit Newark Shuttle (it’s a train) to Penn Station, transfer to the A heading to Brooklyn, then (if necessary) at Hoyt Street – Schermerhorn St, transfer to the G heading to Court Square Rd.

It really depends where in the neighborhood you’re going.

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