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Where to take steak lover in NYC that also has other good food?

Asked by lrk (757points) January 7th, 2009

Paraphased from a question on Chowhound:

For a gathering of good friends, I want to be able to have a big steak dinner for some guests, but great non-steak food for other guests. Is there somewhere in NYC that has a great steak but also excels in preparing other items?

Preferably nothing where I’m going to look at the menu and faint at the dollar signs. Thanks!

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Peter Luger; with emphasis on the steak friendlies.

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@peedub, I think we have different definitions of fainting at the dollar sign.

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There’s always Tad’s Steakhouse on 34th street and 7th Ave. I also know of a Churrascaria place called Greenfield. It’s in Queens though, on Northern Blvd, away from all the hustle and bustle of NYC. I highly recommend that place for a great variety of steak and other meats as well as other dishes. The Brazilian oxtail is mouth-watering and the dessert is not bad either. Check out their website: Greenfield Churrascaria

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Peedub get’s lurve for Luger’s, but they’re going to laugh at you if you order anything but steak. Think about The Strip House instead. Great location in the Village. Great room. Good service, and plenty of optons for the beef-ily challenged. It’s still pricey, but certainly much more affordable than Luger’s. I highly recommend the goose fat fried potatoes.

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Keen’s Steakhouse is a fancy-ish, historical place in Midtown that’s somewhat less expensive than the better-known high-end steak destinations. Highly recommended.

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