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How can I reduce the size of my videos?

Asked by espearite (278points) July 26th, 2010

Hi, I have recorded some video on my camera (Canon PowerShot G9) and an 11:50 minute video is 723 MB! Is there a way I can get this file size down? Please let me know what other information you need. Thanks!

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What operating system does your computer use? And what do plan on doing with the video?

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I am using Windows Vista 32-bit version. I am wanting to transfer the videos onto CD-Rs or DVDs (as many as I can) and in addition, possibly upload them to Youtube also. I know there are time limits with Youtube so I know that makes it more tricky. Thanks for the quick response!

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You can use Windows Movie Maker to greatly compress videos, according to a few youtube videos such as this one.

There are other options for doing this. If your not satisfied with WMM (it was always buggy for me… though I have the XP version), just know that what you need is video compression. If you have any video programs, you can check and see if they can do that.

I think other file formats would offer different kinds of compression/quality, but that’s just guessing on my part because that’s how it works for images and music as well.

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Yeah ittl still be the same length, you understand this right? You gotta shave off 1:50.

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Thanks to all. Will give some of these a try! Awesome! :)

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